Real stories about men in love with sex dolls

1.Every night, when the 45 year old Japanese engineer TA-Bo comes home from work, he pushes open the door of his apartment and waits for a row of sex dolls sitting on the sofa instead of his wife or girlfriend. TA-Bo gives each doll a name. Every night, TA-Bo watches TV or reads with the dolls, followed by the routine bathing and dressing procedure —— TA-Bo will carefully wipe the dolls’ skin after bathing and apply talcum powder to them – which will make their skin feel more like real people. After that, he dressed the dolls in carefully selected underwear, carried them into the bedroom and slept with them.

“A real girl may betray you or hurt you. sex girl dolls will never. They belong to me 100 percent.” TA-Bo has more than 40 sex dolls . He rented a duplex apartment to take care of a large number of dolls. In the past 10 years, he spent about 160000 dollars to buy all kinds of dolls. “It takes too much time from knowing someone to fall love with her, but if the object is an sex doll, the process is completely different. Just click the mouse and she will be delivered to you” —— TA-Bo fallen in love with five girls before, but he still enjoys being with the doll.

  1. Gordon grigs in the United States has many “girlfriends”. His favorite is not only Mary with brown hair, but also Kelly with blond hair. Gordon loves them very much. He grooms them every day, falls asleep together and often travels together, Gordon has just turned 44. He is a factory worker in Virginia. In 2000, he bought his first silicone doll. Gordon used to have girlfriends, but those relationships didn’t end well. His contacts with women are full of su0ch experiences: On a date, his girlfriend slipped away and left him alone in the square; Another called him and asked Gordon to come home. As a result, he asked Gordon to look after his children, and then ran out to fool around with other men After a series of such things, Gordon said, “I can’t have any enthusiasm for women anymore.”

“I’ve had real love and met some beautiful women, but I’ve never felt better like stay with Mary. It’s not like love, but more like spiritual attachment.” Gordon explained: “it’s true that Mary can’t stand up, talk to me and go shopping with me, but she will sit there quietly. She won’t get fat and grow old. She can always keep her beauty like this, and she will never lie to me and hurt my feelings. Isn’t that good?”

A man and a woman combine to establish a family and have children —— this is a combination generally recognized by society. Now, a new combination is becoming more and more obvious. A group of men choose to live with inanimate sex dolls. sex dolls are far more than sex products for them. They groomed and dressed the doll, hugged and danced with the doll – they regarded them as their silent lovers.

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