Real Dolls Replaces The Dead Relatives Family

Love dolls are living replacements for the deceased.

Are love dolls developed for sexual use really only for sexual use? We may be unaware of the deeper value of love dolls because we see them as adult products from the beginning.

A love doll keeping company with a patient in a hospital room.

Of course, when we mention love dolls, we will skip looking for a love interest and will most likely think of passionate sex and cuddling with ourselves instead of a lover. But so far, this is finally still against those who have a strong sexual desire. On the other hand, what about those who are old enough to lose most of their sexual desires and those who no longer have anyone to be close to? For these people, buying a love doll and keeping it in their home is a way of life.
For those people, is it useful to buy a love doll and keep it at home? Can they replace the deceased?

Love dolls being taken out by men

Steven is the owner of an American love doll. He is living a happy life with his loving wife, who unfortunately died in an accident one day. The death of his wife has left Steven in constant despair and loneliness, to the point of wanting to commit suicide. At the end of many years of daily mental suffering and living alone for many sad years without remarrying, he decided to buy something that looked like a person to relieve his loneliness. This is what led him to buy a love doll. Stephen doesn’t want to marry anyone other than his dead wife, but loneliness doesn’t let him off the hook, and a love doll with the same face as his wife would make him even sadder, so he decides to buy a doll without any customization so he doesn’t go crazy.

A love doll being hugged by a man

Fortunately, after a few more months, Stephen said that the love doll has been very useful in his life. His children and siblings all have their own families, and he doesn’t want to bother them. Moreover, Stephen said that he was already sick of contact and interaction with other people, and the simple life that the love doll keeps him company has already become the happiest thing in his life. When he was depressed, the doll would listen to his complaints quietly and without fuss. When Steven was home, he talked about many things with his doll without worrying about unexpected reactions. What’s more, Steven likes to hug, and the love doll always answers his needs.

Mr. Zhao and his wife’s doll.

There is a man like this in China. Let’s call the man Mr. Zhao for a moment. In his fifties, Mr. Zhao lost his deeply beloved and sick wife. He was immersed in suffering every day, and later bought a love doll with what little money he had saved. He thought it would take his wife’s place and be by his side. And he took care of her from early morning till late at night, pretending that the doll was his wife, just as he had done before she died. What a deep love. However, after about six years, no matter how carefully Mr. Zhao took care of the doll every day, the love doll had reached the end of its life and was so battered that new scratches appeared as soon as he moved it. A love doll factory was so moved by Mr. Zhao’s story that they contacted him and made a love doll with his wife’s face and body style using a photo of his dead wife, free of charge. Even so, Mr. Zhao does not throw away his old dolls, but keeps them neatly cleaned and well preserved in a box.

As a matter of fact, with the development of the love doll industry, there were many requests to make dolls in the patterns of those who were no longer with us, not accepting the passing of those who were dear to us. While it is possible with today’s technology, it is still not possible for everything to be a match. I understand the feelings of each person who inquires, but I have to be honest. I think it’s better not to. Because even if it is the same face and body, there is absolutely no substitute for the real person emotionally in the world. Even if you can suppress your grief temporarily, you will be even sadder when you lose it again… So, if you need to, I would recommend what Stephen said in the previous part. To put it bluntly, a person who is gone can never come back. Heal your emotional wounds with the doll, and live positively with it! Because life is something you will never do again.

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