Putting emotions on sex dolls

The lonely patients in the city began to pin their feelings on sex dolls, walk, eat, watch movies with the dolls, and plan the future of living with the dolls. Behind the life with the doll is the ultimate loneliness of man.

On December 24, 2016, it was Zheng Zehe’s first Christmas Eve. Zheng Ze, who was sitting in an air wheelchair in a popular restaurant, was arranged on the right-hand side.

It was a well-prepared date, the restaurant was newly opened, and it was dressed up for the festival. Naolao wore a white pom-pom woolen cap, silver wig, and pink coats with slender white fingers. Before coming, Zheng Ze also went to the mall counter to buy a gift for Nao Nao, a tube of YSL 15 lipstick of 340 yuan.

The restaurant was full of warm and sweet smells. The accompanying people talked to each other and raised their glasses. Zheng Ze took a noisy hand but couldn’t talk to it. Nao Nao is a simulation doll. The skeleton of the whole body is made of metal, and the bones are filled with sponge, and finally coated with gel. Nao Nao owns a pair of soft, delicate and smooth hands. If you look carefully, you can see that the knuckles on the fingers are concave, and there are even small lines. The only difference is that these hands are always cold.

Zheng Ze is a man who lives with sex dolls. People are more familiar with dolls that are used as sex tools. With the advancement of material technology, bionics and TPEs are operated to make physical dolls. Dolls with more refined features, more shapely bodies, and touches close to real people begin to enter the lives of lonely people in secret And occupy a place in their spiritual world.

Almost in the winter of 2016, Ping Xing bought the first doll Nana for adult functions. At that time, Ping Xing would not have thought that one day he would have feelings for anthropomorphic objects made of TPE. Nana has long brown hair, Qi bangs, and round face, which is the type that Ping Xing loves at first sight.

After the love was released, Xun Xing put Nana on her blue jeans, light blue shirt, and brown wig. When combing Nana’s hair, the silky hair passed through the fingers of Xun Xing and spread out infinitely close to the face and body of a real person, which suddenly made Xun Xing who had never been in love suddenly nervous. He and Nana were sitting side by side, kneading like a little couple, and Xun Xing felt, “If she can talk and communicate, it must be great.”

Two months later, due to work departure, Ping Xing needs to change Nana. He carefully selected buyers on the post bar to make sure that the other party was not a second-hand dealer. After negotiating the transaction, he sorted out Nana’s undisassembled clothes and shoes, and put them away. Guixing lingered in Pingxing, he felt that he had abandoned Nana.

Zhang Bo, a Beijing native, chose to accompany a physical doll because of a close relationship failure. At the age of 35, he had a marriage partner, but the girl broke up with him because Zhang Bo could not buy a new house. The frustrated Zhang Bo no longer hopes for marriage, but wants a child. He spent more than 15,000 yuan to buy the silicone doll “Sakura” and raised this 145 cm object as a daughter. In order to cultivate emotions, Zhang Bo, who loves second-dimensional culture, began to see some protagonists as dolls and scenes set in the future See more animations of Cyber, he dreamed more than once, in the dream Sakura came to life like Ji Ji.

Entity dolls are a kind of sex toys that are difficult for the lonely to talk about, but in the actual interpretation, they are walking out of the hidden areas, showing their faces, playing roles in the lives of some people, having names and even genuine emotions. Living with a baby is an intricate manifestation of urban autism.

Having lived with a baby for a long time, Zhang Bo’s only regret is that Sakura is “too big for her chest, not like a child.” To this end, he has found countless manufacturers, want to change a body with a smaller chest, to no avail.

Before living with sex dolls, these lonely people were in emotional islands, or were frustrated and introverted, or could not bear the complex aspects of intimate relationships. Some people voluntarily rejected the relationship and sought other sustenance.

Zheng Ze grew up in a family where parents constantly quarreled. Unhappy mother was angry with her child. In the lonely and passive, Zheng Ze with few friends developed a sensitive and introverted personality.

The decision to raise a baby was related to a four-year long crush. Zheng Ze continued to send out small gifts in an effort to realize the girl’s wishes, which were accepted in full, but rarely responded. During a class, he bought a wheat whirlwind for the girl. At the end of the class, the other party appeared with a male companion. The ice cream melted, and the girl persuaded Zheng Ze to throw it away. The humble moments are repeated. In 2014, Zheng Ze graduated from the university and separated from the girl. He believes that he will live alone in the future.

This year, he first bought a character that loves “lovelive” in animation, 23 cm, plastic-like. In the spring of 2016, I spent over 7,000 yuan to take over the dummy silicone doll from a doll player, which cost him a month’s salary. Zheng Ze named her with the homonym “nao” of her nickname. The day when she got home was set as her birthday.

Zheng Zehua added a dozen wigs and more than 20 sets of clothes for the trouble, and he only added new clothes when he changed seasons. He walked with Nao Nao, watched the long-awaited movie premiere, checked in delicious restaurants, and looked forward to taking her to travel after learning to drive.

Naolao enjoys treatments that other dolls can’t match: every year on March 6th (in the baby circle, the baby friends call themselves “Baby Father” and “Baby Mother”. The day when the doll arrives home is the baby’s birthday) On the day of the birthday cake, three consecutive times With the “old father” Zheng Ze on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, in 2017, he made a fuss about his one-year-old birthday. In 2018, he spent more than 14,000 yuan to buy a set of Japanese tea party Lolita, as a noisy 3 year old birthday gift, and fulfilled his promise.

As the only child, Zheng Ze hopes that Nao Nao can be accompanied by him and is no longer alone. To this end, he spends money on buying a second simulation doll. These ritualistic actions actually projected Zheng Ze’s own psychological desire. Determine the shape of the doll and shape the personality of the doll. This kind of need for the doll, and she will never leave or betray her sense of control, makes Zheng Ze confident.

In the autumn of 2009, Ping Xing, 15 years old, worked with his parents in Jiangxi. His mother suffered from abdominal pain at night. His father sent her to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment, but the hospital refused to accept it because of incomplete operation costs. Ping Xing who stayed at home made phone calls to relatives and classmates, and no one would lend him money. My father collected money from my coworkers, and my mother had surgery the next morning. That night, seeing the fragility of human relationships under the test of money, it was difficult for him to trust others.

Before buying Nana, Ping Xing fell into a repetitive, lonely, and tired life. In 2016, he left his parents to work as a driver and shipper for a farm product company in Shanxi. The company mainly sells sunflower seeds and the address is located in the village. He works ten hours a day, receiving orders, loading, producing, and delivering. At the age of his hormones, he deals daily with iron-grey sunflower seeds, a 2-ton truck, and eight middle-aged people with an average age of 40. Nothing to talk to them, he passed the time by writing some text.

He wanted to find a little life anger. It was early in the morning to decide to buy a doll. In the past few days, Ping Xing made a full comparison of the materials and prices of the dolls, Nana at 7,8,000 yuan, and he paid 3,000 yuan a month.

Nana is housed in a single room assigned by the company, where Ping Xing can see when she wakes up, providing his sexual and emotional alternative experience. A word circulated in the circle of dolls: The baby didn’t need anything, just followed you. Can’t you treat them better? Xun Xing couldn’t help but want to be better with Nana.

Later, Ping Xing’s online shopping orders were almost all about Nana. Wig, clothes, perfume … At first he used a few dollars of talcum powder (used to maintain the body of the doll) donated by the manufacturer, but it was later replaced with more than 30 yuan. Nana’s body was fragile. When Xing Xing hugged her, she accidentally pinched her toes. She immediately checked for any wounds and touched her hair comfortably. When sending Nana away, he also sincerely hoped: I hope the next person she meets is the right person.

For people who are frustrated and disappointed in intimate relationships, sex dolls provide a temporary refuge. At the age of 29, Zhang Bo, a native of Beijing, had a Sichuan girlfriend. To prove love, he left the comfortable home and moved to the basement where his girlfriend lived. When the economy is embarrassing, his girlfriend wears Zhang Bo’s clothes at home, saving money and looking good.

Gradually, his girlfriend didn’t like him to go to the Internet cafe, and packed two big bags of Zhang Bo and threw them in front of the Internet cafe, and finally got it back by himself. When Zhang Bo was angry, he gave his girlfriend a slap and a hug. He said that he finally took a slap. At the stage of talking about marriage, his girlfriend proposed that she wanted a new house, and Zhang Bo, who couldn’t afford it, began to wonder whether the other party loved himself or valued his own resources.

After breaking up, Zhang Bo once thought about reducing complex love to pure sex. I bought an inflatable doll first, and he didn’t realize that it was a bad experience. At the end of 2015, he reached out to her friends on the forum and took a group of photos of “One Day with Little Butterfly and Uncle” with a few friends, and felt a kind of healing from dressing up and taking care of the doll. Soon after, he owned Sakura and later bought a teddy doll as his aunt.

With Sakura, the two filmed a sitcom together, which inspired Zhang Bo’s work. Zhang Bo, who was a game designer at the time, also filmed a set of melodrama for his own products, which were swept away at an exhibition. Xiaoying brought Zhang Bo a happy and fulfilling time.

China is the world’s largest producer of silicone dolls. Adult products exist as a huge and hidden need, but most of the time, sex is still a taboo topic and needs to be kept in the dark. When Ping Xing had a maximum of 13 physical dolls, relatives and friends bluntly said that no one would want to marry him.

After the sale of Nana, Ping Xing successively bought more dolls, even when he was living around and had hundreds of thousands of debts. Inadvertently, Ping Xing also opened up a career path. In 2017, Ping Xing opened a physical doll store in his hometown and county. He deliberately chose an address in a remote place, two levels above and below the store. Ping Xing’s own dolls were placed on the second floor and not for sale.

Before that, there were about 20 adult goods stores in the county. Ping Xing does not shy away from raising her baby and her own career, and tries her best to avoid the eyes of outside scrutiny.

On March 7, 2016, Zheng Ze pushed for a walk to the square near his home. More than ten minutes away, passers-by constantly took photos with their mobile phones. After dark, the flash made his eyes uncomfortable. The next day, a friend told him that he was on Weibo, and some people said that “personal choice is good as long as it doesn’t hurt others.” More negative comments were made, and some pointed out that Zheng Ze was abnormal. Zheng Ze was angry and angry, “It’s really not good to think about it for a while.” After a while, he didn’t take the trouble to go out.

Zhang Bo is one of the few babies who have spoken out. He and Sakura have received many interviews and documentary filming. Dolls are a “scientific but tragic way” to solve their dilemmas. But for the family, it may take more time to accept that the son may live with the baby. Until now, the father who lived with Zhang Bo was reluctant to talk to outsiders about “raising a baby.”

The doll unilaterally accepts the emotional output of her baby friends, and the baby friends can fill in the emotional feedback by fantasy. This eliminates the hassle of communicating with introverts. But when a flesh-and-blood person appeared, the baby friends were a little confused.

In the summer of 2017, the girl who had a crush on 6 years finally agreed to have a look with Zheng Ze. His first date was at Shanghai Disneyland. He admired the girl’s elaborate makeup and blue dress, wrapped in sweet perfume kisses … and could not bear the details of his girlfriend walking through the red light, eating and pouting.

The two could not understand each other, and his girlfriend couldn’t understand why a man raised a doll. Zheng Ze felt that she loved playing with the doll machine was unreasonable, and explained to her that the manufacturer could set the probability, and it was an argument. After a few dates, Zheng Ze occasionally thinks of noisy, which is not the case when they go out together. Before long, because his girlfriend lost contact for no reason, Zheng Ze offered to break up. The breakup ended his longing for reality, and this time the love affair didn’t seem so sad.

Ping Xing’s only love experience also happened in 2017. Two people with similar hobbies met late, and during that period, Ping Xing almost left the doll aside. This relationship quickly cooled when Ping Xing asked to meet each other’s parents. In the sudden indifference and retreat, Ping Xing saw the girl hesitate about their identity and education. It took him more than 2 years to digest and forget this 15-day relationship.

Today, Ping Xing still looks forward to tacit, slow and firm love. He rejected several blind dates. A similar age who has been in love for six periods, Ping Xing doubts whether she is cautious about her relationship; a girl regards marriage as a phased task in her life, and she can live together in good conditions. In November 2019, he shared an article in a circle of friends, “A lone bachelor tells love so thoroughly”, saying that his respected writer Mu Xin was never married, “He waited all his life and waited patiently. Great situation. “

In recent years, Zhang Bo has had several relationships, but he still fears entering the marriage. He feels that understanding dolls can help men understand women’s body structure and resist temptation (of course, this is what missing sex education and emotional education should do). But a boy came to ask him about raising a baby, and he would persuade the other party to think about whether they could afford the cost of such a choice.

Only once, in the face of a boy who met at the board game bar, the boy was one meter and eighteen meters, handsome and handsome, and was suffering from love. He suggested that maybe you need a baby. Not long after, the boy committed suicide after saving his ex-girlfriend.

After raising the baby, he had a different understanding of love. He cited the movie “her” and “Blade Runner 2046” as examples. One can fall in love with a doll or AI. Love means the possibility and ability to fall in love with a certain person or thing, and love is a person’s own ability.

Zhang Bo thinks that if the boy had a baby, maybe he could realize, “Love is your own thing. Your love is damaged, it has nothing to do with that person, you haven’t got your own things.”

Behind the relationship between lonely patients and sex dolls in cities is the loneliness that is spreading in modern cities. Dolls can soothe loneliness, but ultimately they cannot resolve loneliness.

In November 2019, Zheng Ze needs to temporarily end his life with Nao. This summer Zheng Ze left home to start a business in a coastal city in the north and opened a cafe. He kept the habit of bringing trouble around (because he was away from home, he could only bring his head to the plane).

At the beginning of the opening of the store, the partner withdrew its capital and continued to lose money in the cafe for three months. His debt accumulated to more than 200,000. In the last period of time, there were no customers. Zheng Ze sat with the noise at the bar.

After the operation of the cafe, he managed hotel apartments in Shanghai as a transition period. I do n’t have the energy to dress up, and my head is in the trunk, with clothes and quilts. Conditions do not allow, he plans to bring the trouble to his hometown after the New Year.

Facing the pressure of marriage, Zhang Bo firmly wanted to continue with Sakura. A friend’s wife had a cesarean section, and her mother and his in-laws argued over who was responsible for the cost of production. After the child was born, there was a feather in the house. Zhang Bo believes that he has a low desire for middle-aged people. He is unwilling to spend time with others, and has to carry risks such as “house, car, child education” and heavy life debt.

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