Pornstar Sex Doll Real Doll Xenia 158CM


Doll size:
Height: 158cm
Weight: 33kg
Bust * waist * hip: 80*56*83cm
Arm length:50cm
Hand length:16cm
Foot length: 19cm
Vagina Depth: 18cm
Anal depth: 17cm
Oral depth:13cm

Why Choose Oudoll

1.We have a vast selection of products and numerous customization choices; if you want a specific style, we can manufacture it.

2.All of our products are authentic, authorized, and we never sell counterfeit goods; you can view the brand permission by clicking here.

3.All products are made of medical-grade TPE material, are non-toxic and odorless, and have FDA and CE approval, so you may rest with confidence that their use is safe.

4.Each doll will be inspected by a designated individual throughout manufacturing, and each product will be photographed to confirm the doll prior to shipment; if you wish to confirm the images prior to shipment, please leave us a message.

5.We have a skilled customer service team that will respond to your inquiries immediately.

Experience Oudoll Sex Dolls

☆ First of all, click to open the page of All Sex Doll to choose your favorite doll.

☆ After you’ve selected all customizable features, you can pay for your order.

☆ After we received your order, we will deliver it to the manufacturer. The manufacturing process normally takes abut 2-3 days.

☆ When the manufacturing is finished, the doll will be transferred to UPS/DHL/Fedex for delivering. The delivering is totally free on your end, and it takes around 7-15 days for the doll to arrive at your address.

☆ You can just wait for your doll to come and bring you magical sex experiences.  For more information about Oudoll love dolls, please click here.

Function Selections of Sex Dolls

People are often confused about the various detailed content of dolls; therefore, today we will provide a detailed explanation of the specific use of various features of sex dolls, so that every customer who purchases a doll will not be so confused, focusing primarily on the various functions, cleaning, movable area, and repair-related information of the doll.

Each doll can be personalized with a number of features that can be picked on each of our product sites; if nothing is selected, the default is applied, and the image remains unchanged.

Face Modeling

Each doll's face and makeup are created by experienced designers and makeup artists, and each face can be adjusted according to your preferred hair color, eye color, and, in the case of silicone heads, hair and eyebrow implants.

To obtain further information, please go here.

Love doll Skeleton

The main doll skeleton include ordinary skeleton, shrug skeleton, gear skeleton, all-purpose skeleton. Normally, the ordinary skeletons are generally used for most dolls. ordinary skeleton has flat shoulders that cannot move, while the skeletons that can shrug have more flexible shoulders. Gear skeletons have bendable knees for a kneeling position; all-purpose skeleton is the most advanced skeleton type that combined shrug and gear skeleton, and allow for more poses, and make the doll more convenient to dress and undress.

Hand skeleton

Thanks to the improved hand skeleton, the finger joints of the sex doll are more flexible. Our sex dolls are capable of performing motions like grasping. You can modify the color of your doll's nails to make her more seductive.

Skin Veins Sunburn

The texture of doll skin is identical to that of human flesh, including superficial veins, sinew and folds around joints, and a sunburn tan. This makes the doll extremely realistic, silky, and warm, while the skin tone may be adjusted with blue, white, wheat, and black to make your doll sexier and more realistic.

Sexual Organ

The sex doll has a curved, wrinkled vagina with a G-spot, which will provide you with unanticipated sexual pleasure. By default, the vagina is fixed; however, it can be inserted for easier cleaning. You can also select the color and texture of the labia and pubic hair.


Generally, the doll is standing by default; the bottom of the footplate has three pegs to support the doll's weight. If you want a doll that does not stand, you must specify this when placing your order.


The breasts of sex dolls have a lifelike appearance and feel soft and natural. You can also select jelly breasts (which has the texture of jelly and can wriggle like real breats) or cotton breasts (mainly made of soft cotton). If you select large sized H-CUP breasts, it is recommended that you select cotton breasts, as jelly breasts may rupture during shipping owing to their material characteristics.

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