Pornhub star Korina Kova will turn into a “realistic” sex doll

The adult actress will show an anatomically correct, surreal version of sex dolls, so FANS of porn star Korina Kova will soon be able to “sleep for her every night”.

Obviously, sex dolls are the future. Some people will like it more than others.

I think Channel 5’s “Sex Business” program is going to be eye-opening. After watching “I and My Sex Doll”, although there are sex dolls, sex robots, intercourse pornography, masturbation, and enlarged shots of the same sex, the first part of the third season cannot be broadcast at 10pm. Baby, I want my eyes to be tight.

Most of the documentary introduced us to Jade, a family of four operating sunbeds, who provided the world’s first “doll rental service” (abandoned because the doll returned to a “messy” state ), Then turned to designing and selling custom products. Sex doll. Jade is apparently a savvy businesswoman and chose to utilize a fan base of various porn stars and market dolls based on her exact size and influence-a woman who took a photo expressed whether she would copy broken teeth. Furthermore, if the dolls are in danger of being pinched by a man’s penis, should they be completely toothed? There are many considerations.

The X-rated star teamed with sex doll company Real Love Dolls to make a copy of her face and body for £ 2,800, including “advanced lightweight core platinum silicone,” so admirers can work with this Exclusive stars together for real life.

The doll is still in production and the company plans to start rolling out Korina to customers within 60 days.

They boasted that the doll would be the perfect replica of a star, claiming that being with the real Korina Kova was “the second best thing”.

This doll is the company’s first “special design” using “advanced lightweight core platinum silicone resin”.

The replica will have the exact dimensions of Kova with a height of 5 feet 3 meters and a curved curve similar to Korina.

A customer’s voice was distorted to protect his identity, and he provided close-ups of his violent interactions with the doll, saying that if more men used sex dolls, fewer cases of rape and sexual assault would occur. He also assured the cameras that the dolls were durable and “they were made to withstand this punishment.” Because no woman should use sex as a punishment. A video shows a woman trying a male doll in a brothel-all the same, remember! But, when workers clean up dolls with industrial hoses and sponges after the boatman leaves, and can freely use languages ​​like “cats” and “bastards”, can such businesses really claim equality?

A customer from Chris has collected a series of sex dolls. These dolls are designed by elves with soft skin tone and pointed ears. “You have to give them personality,” he said. “If you don’t, it won’t work.” In a nutshell, we went to California and the sex doll repair shop Galmato Heaven, where the “toys” hang from the ceiling of a thick butcher chain, like in some sort of human abattoir or dungeon. Sometimes customers explain what caused the damage. Sometimes, considering all the other situations I saw, the doll’s modesty was protected by shirts and shorts when conducting research, and I found them strange.

In the end, I was numb by the strangeness of all this-in 40 minutes you can only see so many synthetic anal and remain shocked. If it does lead to some kind of “revolution,” then I would not feel numb to the terrible impact of such an industry. The statement from start to finish is disturbing: Jade is considered to be a groundbreaking doll for people with disabilities or social embarrassment-it seems that inanimate objects should replace the full relationship that everyone deserves.

Surreal dolls will even have fully articulated bones.

“I want to introduce my first anatomically correct sex doll. It’s amazing and untrue, but it’s true.

“Soon, the fans will be able to take me to bed every night and enjoy the honor of my company. I am very excited about this.”

Kova is proud to say that it will be able to “keep all my curves intact on a more flexible, agile framework.”

The 31-year-old is from Canada and has a huge fan base-more than 578,000 followers on Instagram.

She starred in the first adult movie in 2017, but now makes it entirely on her own website.

The adult star boasted that she wanted to provide “quality content” to fans and claimed that the cost of setting up her home-made studio was $ 30,000 (£ 24,000).

Stacey Townsend, CEO of Real Love Sex Dolls, said: “We are very happy to work with Korina Kova to make an incredible sexy TPE love doll that matches her exact figure; working with the sculptor team, we are able to capture every The curve also has every sexy detail.

“Nothing was missed. The KorinaKova doll has super soft velvet-like skin and is swaying in all suitable positions with its bones fully articulated

“Real Korina Kova fans will love this gorgeous love doll.

“Korina Kova dolls created by true love dolls are definitely the second best thing to own Korina.”

The sex doll industry is on the rise, with many randy customers choosing and more realistic silicone lovers.

Money-starved clients seem to prefer sex dolls, but what’s the cost difference? Well, brothels offer doll services for 90 Swiss francs (£ 70) per game, while real prostitutes start at 200 Swiss francs (£ 157) per game-so the price is more than double.
It is said that some companies in the industry are working to become the world’s first fully functional sex robot.

If you don’t want to go all the way to the brothel, they also provide services to take home your selected sex doll if needed.

Yes, not only can horny fans watch Kiki Vidis falling and soiling on the screen, now they can feel as if they are actually having sex with her Kiki doll.

This doll is the first doll based on a celebrity, and its creator Vodaire hopes that it will become a disruptor in the adult sex toy world.

Although turning yourself into a real sex toy, so men around the world can imagine that having sex with you may be a bit praiseworthy, but it means a lot to Kiki.

In terms of hygiene, brothels insist on washing and disinfecting all dolls after use. If people want to clean them again, every room in the brothel has cleaning supplies.

Brigitte Snefstrup of Verein Lisa, an organization that works to improve the lives and working conditions of sex workers in the Canton of Lucerne, said that sex dolls are common in brothels, but the idea of ​​replacing prostitutes seems unimaginable.

However, the actor admits that this is not all flashy and gorgeous because the porn industry has changed a lot in recent years. Kiki cited the global financial crisis of 2008 to change the industry landscape.

“It’s a real milestone for me,” she told Perth North. “In my industry, whenever you get recognition or sponsorship, or when you turn an underwear line or body part into an adult toy This is all important. “

It seems Kiki believes that men will use her dolls more than just their sexuality, explaining:

People just go to drink and dine, sit me on the sofa so I can be their partner, and I can listen to you.

I am flattered.

Sex dolls are one of the most expensive products in the sex toy industry, and by 2020 they will be worth a staggering 38 billion pounds.

Some dolls can get you back up to £ 15,000, and there are even brothels for punters to try these dolls in Europe and the United States.

Recently in Japan, experts have suggested that the popularity of sex dolls and robots may be responsible for the decline in the country’s birth rate.

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