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Why do women buy sex dolls? A few reasons why women buy sex dolls

Why do women buy sex dolls? A few reasons why women buy sex dolls You’ve probably heard the phrase, “sex dolls are designed specifically for men.”However, this is not the case,Statistics show that women account for at least 25 percent of buyers.What attracts them to sex dolls? What makes women obsessed with sex dolls? Why […]

How can I avoid scratching the floor with my sex doll’s foot bolts?

Standing is a separate feature of the sex doll, which is usually pre-installed when you buy it. Because the material of the sex doll, especially TPE, is very soft, the interior needs artificial skeleton to support, but the palm and sole at the end of the limb are not supported by special artificial bones in […]

Legal Status Of Love Dolls In Every Country 2022

Here is a list of most countries and the legality of sex dolls. Country Legality Afghanistan Illegal Aland Islands Legal Albania Legal Algeria Illegal Andorra Legal Angola Legal Anguilla Legal Antigua And Barbuda Legal Argentina Legal Armenia Legal Aruba Legal Australia Legal(Over 158cm height) Austria Legal Azerbaijan Illegal Bahamas Legal Bahrain Illegal Bangladesh Illegal Barbados Legal […]

Will OUDOLL become a brand like SHEIN in sex dolls

Sweet heart girl sex doll-Sweet Cute Big Breast Petite Sex Doll Lauryn 100cm 3ft 2-10

I am a resident lover of erotic dolls. I am very obsessed with the erotic doll experience. I will share the quality ones on the market that are great to use with every enthusiast. I recently received a message from a fan who wanted to know if I could recommend an inexpensive (under $500), relatively […]

Where Can I Find Low Price Mini Sex Dolls?

mini sex doll-Cute Sleepy Flat Chest Cheap Sex Dolls Kinsley 108cm 3ft 5-10

Where can I find low price mini sex dolls? 1.Oudoll brand has been in business for many years. We have our own factory located in most of the world, and a partner manufacturer specializing in the production of silicone and other thermoplastic materials. And there are several friendly factories. The cost is low. 2.Oudoll was […]

Professional Mini Sex Doll Manufacture OUDOLL

Hi everyone! This is OUDOLL, a mini sex doll manufacture, we have been selling sex dolls for 10 years, we only offer good quality products to our customers, we have received plenty of good reviews from our customers, some of you may be familiar with our adult sex doll brand: Hanidoll. You probably bought dolls […]

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