Mississauga charges allegations against rental sex doll business

The City of Mississauga has filed charges against a sex doll rental business operating near Eglinton Avenue East and Dixie Road.

Aura Dolls rents silicone dolls to customers who visit its website for sexual gratification. When booking appointments online, the business location will be disclosed.

The city said it had been investigating Aura Dolls since at least November. As of December 13, Aura Dolls website is still making reservations, and the listed business hours are Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 2 am.

According to an email from Catherine Monast, a senior media consultant in Mississauga, the city has filed two charges against Aura Dolls, including operating an unlicensed adult entertainment business.

City regulations only allow nine adult entertainment businesses to operate in the city at any given time. In the bye-laws, the adult entertainment business means a place that provides “services that are attractive or intended to attract pornography or sexual desire or hobby.”

According to Monast, the city’s adult entertainment industry is “full capacity” and Aura Dolls is not eligible to operate in Mississauga.

The second allegation is because there is no proof of occupancy, which means that the company changed the use of the building without proper certification from the Mississauga Subdistrict Administrator. A company of the same name with similar services had previously attempted to open in Toronto in September 2018. According to Toronto City MP John Fillion, the company is not authorized to operate in its proposed location and has cancelled leases before opening.

According to its website, the agency is “the first well-known brothel in North America to serve the most beautiful silicone lady in the world.” Prices on the web page range from $ 90 for 30 minutes to $ 480 for four hours for a doll. The first appearance in connection with the allegation was in the Ontario courts in Mississauga on January 30, 2020. Violations of the city’s adult entertainment regulations will result in fines of up to $ 50,000 and up to one year in prison.

In an email on December 3, the Peel Regional Police Department. Akhil Mooken said that the police’s deputy, the Narcotics and Street Organised Crime Department “does not know of any complaints we have filed with Aura Dolls.” Several e-mails sent to Aura Dolls asking for comment No messages were returned. Aura Dolls opened last year because of its old regulations that barred the “adult entertainment” business from Willowdale, and it opened in Mississauga in November (and possibly earlier). New location, close to EglintonAve. E. and Dixie Rd. According to previous media reports, this information was disclosed to customers when booking on auradolls.com, and there is a new owner.

However, Catherine Monast, Mississauga’s senior media consultant, confirmed to The Sun via email on Tuesday that the city of Mississauga has now been investigated and negotiated with police since November 10. Two charges were made against Aura Dolls under two city regulations. The city said that Aura Dolls were “owners of adult entertainment venues without first obtaining a license.” And, because the total number of adult entertainment business licenses allowed “has reached 9 caps, they cannot be in Mississauga.” ) Business. “

The second allegation was that Aura Dolls did not have a residence permit, which means they were accused of “changing the type of use of a building within a zoning category to another type of use without first obtaining an occupancy permit from the city zoning administrator. . “

In the “Let’s Chat” section of auradolls.com, when asked about two Sun allegations, someone replied: “We are currently working with this city to ensure that everything goes well in the new year. “

The first court date on January 30 will be in the provincial court. According to its website, the company offers sterilized rental silicone dolls to meet sexual requirements, but condoms are recommended, and reservations are still made between 8 am and 2 am Monday to Friday.

The price of a doll ranges from $ 90 for 30 minutes to $ 480 for four hours. Its name and description range from “Harper, the perfect girl next door” to “Yuki”, which is described as “submissive, Naive and fun. “

A Singaporean student has been charged with importing child-like sex dolls. Australian Border Force investigators arrested the man yesterday after a raid on a house in Perth. The 26-year-old Singaporean is on a student visa in Australia. The investigation began on December 24 when ABF officers intercepted parcels from China at an air cargo terminal in Perth.

The package was allegedly found to contain a silicone girl sex doll after an X-ray examination. ABF has accused the man of importing a second category of goods. He was released on conditional bail and will appear in the Perth Magistracy on January 17. The maximum penalty for importing child abuse material is 10 years in prison and / or a fine of $ 525,000.

ABF investigative commander Nicholas Walker said ABF officers are catching more and more child sex dolls imported through international mail and air cargo.

“Child-like sex dolls are an emerging child abuse material, and ABF is determined to prevent this behavior from crossing our borders,” he said. “Dolls made for sexual purposes depict children under 18 and are classified as” “Bad Goods”, prohibiting their import into Australia. “Tackling child abuse material is a business priority for ABF and is part of its role in protecting borders from individuals who may pose a threat to communities. “

In addition to import crimes, the government has strengthened crimes in the Commonwealth last year by owning and handling child-like sex dolls. On September 21, the Amendment to the Legislation against Child Sexual Exploitation of 2019 came into effect.

The controversial “sex doll brothel” that was once forced to close in Toronto has once again surfaced in Mississauga.

Aura Dolls, which opened last month under new ownership, promises to offer its customers “a real sensory experience with a girl tailored for you.”

The girls are made from “the highest quality TPE silicone” and carry names like Jazmine, Anna and Scarlett.

“Customers can have full sex with the doll, or some customers come in and drop the doll and watch a movie,” said Chris, one of the owners of Aura Dolls. “I have a lot of introverted or socially awkward people who don’t like the interaction between people.”

The owner of the Aura doll operates anonymously and allows its customers to have the same privacy.

Customers can choose one of seven dolls from their website in one of seven rooms in their store, starting at $ 90 per half hour. After the service is completed, a rigorous cleaning process will take place.

The company did not publicly disclose its exact address, but is located in the Mississauga industrial area and has no homes or schools in the area. The customer will only receive the location after making a deposit.

Last summer, Toronto City closed Aura Dolls a week before the opening date, citing company regulations that bar the city from adult entertainment in the area.

Since the new boss took over, they have removed the description of the “brothel” and called it the adult entertainment business.

Criticism and concern
This is not the first personalized doll business operating in GTA or North America. A number of companies have sprung up across the country and region.

The original owners of Aura Dolls said they opened a “sex doll brothel” when they thought of Japan. Several similar stores are operating in Europe, and some are concerned that it will have an impact on the treatment of women.

Chris said they were aware of these concerns, adding that they had implemented a number of rules, including not hitting dolls and not fantasizing about rape.

Chris added that they have hosted more than a thousand customers since opening and no incidents have occurred.

“These dolls are fine, they don’t feel anything, and they’re fake,” Chris said. “We don’t tolerate any violence or any violence.”

There are also questions about the rules and regulations of “sex doll brothels” and how they operate in regulated communities.

The city of Mississauga told CityNews that the company is not currently licensed in the city and law enforcement officials will contact Aura Dolls to further investigate and take any necessary enforcement action.

Former sex worker Nadia Guo, now a criminal defense lawyer, told Metropolis News that she believes sex doll shops operate in gray areas.

“I think they are finding some way to circumvent the law, but people are making sex work illegal because of violence against women and children.” “I think they can say there are no women and children,” Guo said.

Sex work is currently illegal, and workers continue to be threatened and stigmatized, according to advocates. Many of Guo’s advocates believe that the government should legalize sex work.

Guo said, “In our world, sex is something that should be accepted, especially if it doesn’t hurt others.”

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