Mini Sex Doll Q&A

  • Where are Mini Sex Dolls made?

Mini Sex Dolls are handcrafted in our manufacturing facility in China. DOLL has its factory, we make different kinds of mini sex dolls and ship them at the quickest time. Our sex dolls can only be purchased here on our web page. Mini Sex Dolls are not sold through any other online retailers or vendors.

  • What are Mini Sex Dolls made with?

Mini Sex Dolls are made with the highest quality. We make sure they give our customers the best sex experience, and they are very realistic.

  • Why is silicone the best material for a sex doll?

Silicone has unique properties that TPE and other materials do not have.

  • Is the Mini Sex Doll sexually functional?

Yes. Mini Sex Dolls come standard with a functional vagina. The vagina has a static depth of 13.3cm or 5.35″ with a pleasurable ribbed texture. Due to the soft and stretchy nature of our silicone, added penetration depth can be achieved.

  • What kind of lubrication is recommended?

High-quality silicone lubricants can be used, but for ease of cleaning, we recommend water-based lubricants.

  • How long will my Mini Sex Doll last?

If properly cared for, your doll can last a lifetime. Platinum silicone is chemically stable so it won’t degrade or break down over time.

  • How do I clean my Mini Sex Doll?

Dolls may be washed with antibacterial soap or even boiled if need be. Please remove hair and eyes before washing. To keep the skin of your sex doll clean, powder her with corn starch or baby powder. Using a feather duster to apply will create the best results without making a mess. Here are how to clean the vagina of your mini sex doll.

1. Grab one of the sponges cut into small pieces, use tweezers to dip that sponge in warm water, and antibacterial soap to coat it.

2. Insert the sponge into your realistic sex doll’s pussy or anus and use the tweezers to gently move it around and clean the sex doll’s holes.

3. Remove the sponge and clean it with warm water. Repeat steps 1 and 2 depending on how dirty it is. At this stage, the vagina and anus of those sex dolls will be clean and free of bacteria.

4. Using tweezers again, grab a dry sponge and insert it into the realistic sex doll’s pussy and anus to remove most of the moisture.

5. Wrap a paper towel around the tip of the pliers and gently slide it in and out of the secret area of those realistic sex dolls again. Then let it dry almost completely.

6. Finally, use baby powder on the outside of those sex dolls’ vaginas and anus.

  • Is my Mini Sex Doll waterproof?

Yes. Your doll can be safely submerged completely.

  • How should my Mini Sex Doll be stored?

The easiest way to store your sex doll is to wrap her in a clean white towel and place her back in the shipping box on her back. Colored fabrics should be avoided to prevent staining the skin.

1. I recommend two proper storage methods: hanging it from the neck and laying it down with a mat underneath.

2. It’s best not to make them stand or sit all the time.

  • Can I buy a blemished or factory second doll?

On rare occasions, we may have blemished dolls available at a discounted price. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about availability.

  • How are payments processed?

All Payments are processed through Paypal. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and all other Paypal payment options available through Paypal. A Paypal account is NOT required to make a purchase.

  • What is your return policy?

Our dolls are crafted by hand so they’re constantly checked and tested to meet our high-quality standards. Before each doll is packed, we do a final quality check to make sure everything is exactly as it should be for our customers. In the unlikely event that your doll has a manufacturing defect, please let us know within the first 24 hours of receipt and include clear pictures of the damage. If the damage is a manufacturing defect, then we will correct the problem. Otherwise, due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns.

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