Meet the world’s lifelike sex doll

A recent news, to what extent is this realistic doll realistic? That is, she can remember your birthday, remember the food you like, remember that you like to watch movies and the music you like to listen to, even your climax, all controlled by an app.
The doll was tested by a 60-year-old Brick Dollbanger for the smart artificial intelligence doll for Realbotix in California.
He was also the first to have this doll.
And Brick Dollbanger also has five doll lovers like him.
He turned from divorce to fall in love with sex dolls, and because his companions made him decide the driving factor for buying sex dolls.
He once said,”if and a real The woman’s sexual relationship is 10 years old, then the sex doll is eight and a half years old.
“A great deal of our research and development goes into designing our dolls to make it possible to enjoy both realistic beauty and great sex.
Our love dolls are equipped with real life simulation design and a real beautiful artistic design is what we are all about.
Guarantee: You will get 100% same as below picture dolls.
He also filmed a doll that spoke with a British accent and said, “Our days are wonderful.
Now we are talking about it.
I feel very good recently.
” And the most interesting thing is that he asked if the doll would like to date him.
The doll actually said, “How about visiting art galleries? We can also have some coffee.
” In the past ten years, he has spent about 150,000 pounds to buy sex dolls, and it is more interesting than this in the 1980s.
 You can also make some customizations to the nipple color and labia, and even choose personality characteristics to decide whether to make them shy or embarrassed.
The price of this doll is about 15,000 pounds.

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