Looking Into the Recent Trends and the Future of the Sex Doll Industry

From rubber to silicone and TPE, and heading towards AI and robotics. This is about the history and future of sex dolls!

Looking at the advancement of sex dolls over the years, it’s only fair to say that the sex doll industry is one that has witnessed a sequence of developments that have gone a long way in enhancing the sexual experience. Not only were sex dolls made from inflatable plastic materials but it was also considered a taboo to use them leave alone stigmatization of the topic in public. However, thanks to the maintained developments in the industry, we can now enjoy life-like TPE and silicone sex dolls that are breathtaking and using them is no longer a taboo as more people continue to learn and appreciate their immense perks that these dolls possess.

Unknown to many, the famous morning radio show host Howard Stern is one of the people who pioneered the great venture of sex dolls promotion. In the 1990’s, the renowned radio host purchased a realistic sex doll and had sex with it on air. What was most significant about the Stern’s move is the fact that it happened at a time when the sex doll industry was under intense scrutiny and criticism. Howard’s gesture at such a time played a crucial role in the societal acceptance of these virtual sexual aids.
In the 1990’s though, the sex dolls were simply inflatable rubber human imitations that were associated with a minimal sexual appeal. As per today, the sex dolls have undergone numerous advancements that include the use of movable steel joints which enhance their flexibility meaning that you can enjoy sex with the sex doll using various position and without necessarily having to strain. The dolls are being made from human-like TPE and silicone materials and are now being encrypted with Artificial Intelligence to enhance the experience even more.
Some of the perks of these amazing sexual aids include;

They are a great alternative to modern-day relationships that are characterized by disappointments and heartbreaks.
They offer an ideal way to rekindle intimacy in the bedroom without bringing a third person into the picture.
They are way safer as compared to escorts
They can play the role of a ladder for people who have gone through traumatizing events in life to get back to their normal sex life. Example people who have faced sexual abuse, the death of a partner, or a heartbreak.
Unlike women, dolls are extraordinarily submissive and ready to always ready to have sex regardless of the time and moment
The dolls are tailored to meet the varying needs of the vast market with the different shapes, sizes, features.

Here at SRSD, we guarantee our clients quality and satisfaction with our rich collection of amazing sex dolls that you’ll certainly not want to miss. Through renowned manufactures, we have always made sure that our clients get the doll that meets their needs. Some of our highest selling dolls include;

Shakira, a 163cm-5ft4 fat butt sex doll that was recently featured on Ryan Davis’ video on YouTube- $1,900.

Tiffany, a 166-cm-5ft5 voluptuous sex doll that resembles the dream body for every sex doll fan- $1,699

Tina, the intelligent 170cm silicone sex doll that is surely more than just a woman- $2,899.

Kasandra, a super curvy 160cm sex doll offers enormous and spicy breasts too- $2,199.

Delia, a big-boobies 158cm realistic sex doll that retails for $1,599.

Virginie, the 165cm fat butt sex doll that comes with a set of perky tits that you won’t help but keep within your palm- $2,099.

Liza, a 162cm-b-cup life-size sex doll that is going at $2,199.

The 163cm thick Cassy with a huge ass- $1,900.

The 168cm Jenna with huge breasts going for $2,099.

Abby, a 150cm-g-cup sex doll that comes with a six pack- $2,099.

Judging with the speed that the sex doll industry is advancing, the future only promises of breathtaking virtual reality creations that will house extensive capabilities. With the amazing benefits of the sex dolls, people are turning to these amazing sex aids not only for sexual gratification but also for a long-life companionship.
So, what does the future hold? Based on the research and efforts being put towards the improvement of the sex dolls, we can only hope for the best. Sex dolls are now being encrypted with Artificial Intelligence which renders them able to respond and maintain a conversation. Not only will this make them resemble women more, but the Artificial Intelligence will enhance the sexual experience. So, with the Artificial Intelligence, we are looking at one of the most realistic sex robots ever made. We can’t wait!
And while the topic continues to attract both negative and positive criticism, the benefits outweigh the negative implications. Some activists argue that the sex dolls play a role in objectifying women, something that they warn might fuel the gender violence and sexual abuse.
However, according to the promoters and manufacturers of sex dolls, these amazing work of art has more perks as compared to the setbacks. And as we all know everything that has many advantages definitely has one or two disadvantages. These dolls not only provide a safe alternative for partners to experiment with new sexual stunts but they also offer an alternative when one partner is either sick, pregnant, or away. In fact, according to research, most men cheat when their partner is either pregnant or away on work commitments. So, why not bring in the sex doll and curb the vice. The reality is that dolls don’t replace anyone, they just add up benefits to men, women, and couples. Realistic love dolls allow couples to spice up relationships, men to live their fantasies without hurting their loved ones, and bring company too. This is just but one of the numerous unbelievable uses of sex doll that are undercooked. So, with the continued research and societal acceptance of the sex dolls, we can only anticipate for an, even more, better future. Now you can buy love dolls even with Bitcoin!! Yes, we accept crypto!
Sexy Real Sex Dolls is definitely your one-stop shop for all your sex doll needs. We pride in quality, variety, and affordability as we have partnered with some of the most renowned manufacturers in China. We have over the years put up measures in a bid to improve the client’s experience. Whether you wish to purchase a TPE, silicone, torsos, or life-size sex dolls, SRSD is the ideal spot. The process of ordering a sex doll is very demystified, and it only takes a record span of 3 weeks before you receive your sex doll. After you request a custom doll and check out with your preferred payment method, manufacturing commences as soon as the order confirmation is done. As soon as the doll is ready, shipping commences, and the doll is delivered using unlabeled packaging to enhance privacy.

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