Long Hair Sex Doll Or Short Hair Sex Doll, It’s Up To You

sex toy doll - Long Hair Maid Outfit Anime Mini Sex Doll Elouise 80cm (11)

Dressing up the love doll is a fun and exciting journey for all the customers that purchased from OUDoll. If you heard the latest sex doll news, you will find that many men are willing to spend their money to make the doll more lifelike with expensive clothes and superior hair wigs. They claimed that” the different clothes, makeups, wigs are giving their doll difference look and personality, it’s like dating with multiple women in the same time”.

The doll’s wigs are an essential part of the look and appeal. It lets dolls play with different styles and experiment with different looks, which makes them look more realistic and beautiful. And the lengthen of the wig can make a whole different look of the doll, long hair sex doll and short hair sex doll are the most common option on our store. So, which length do you like best?

Today, we’re going to help you make the decision that is right for you by showing the pros and cons of both long and short hair dolls.

sex toy doll - Long Hair Maid Outfit Anime Mini Sex Doll Elouise 80cm (10)
Long Hair Maid Outfit Anime Mini Sex Doll Elouise 80cm

The Pro of Long Hair Sex Doll

  • It is easier to have a different style
  • It is more beautiful with trendy color
  • It’s sexier and feels more feminine

The Cons of Long Hair Sex Doll

  • It gets tangled and messed up quite easily
  • It takes more time to clean
  • It takes longer to dry and style
  • It may use more shampoo & conditioner
Best Short Hair Sexy Petite Love Doll Ella 138cm

The Pro of Short Hair Sex Doll

  • It requrie less care and manintianess
  • It’s easy to manage and clean
  • It makes the doll look more young and cute
  • The shorter the hair, the quicker the drying time

The Cons of Short Hair Sex Doll

  • Limited styling options. No long braids, long-pony
  • Not allowed to grab her hair when you penetrate her from behind
  • Less fun for dressing up

How to Take Care of A Sex Doll’s Wig?

  • Washing the doll’s wig regularly
  • Brush the wig only once it is dry
  • Brush the doll’s hair gently and daily to avoid the tangle
  • Change the doll’s wig regularly
  • Keep it away from the intense heat

Final word

No matter what kind of sex doll you choose, you need to figure out what is right for you. Long hair sex dolls need more maintains, while, short hair sex dolls need less time on cleaning. The thing is, you can’t be reckless with any kind of wig, if you want your love doll to be more sexy and realistic, you must put more effort into her daily dress-up, it’s quite fun and joyful. Nevertheless, we are not here to decide who is the winner here, but to help you to choose the best one. And we still believe that your preference is all that matters.

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