Life Story of EsDoll’s Clients Living with 12 Sex Dolls

Share the story at our meeting according to the ES Doll sales manager: Our a 58-year-old client in America experienced two divorces and now lives with 12 realistic life size sex dolls, and even names his sex dolls with his daughter. Dressing, dressing up and having a birthday.

58-year-old Dean has 12 full-size simulation sex dolls, and he also buys clothes, makeup, dress ups and birthdays for the 12 dolls he considers to be “friends.” The 20-year-old Rhiannon is Dean’s daughter. It is reported that Dean has given updating with real-life women three years ago and has “lived” with his sex dolls. Now, after Rhiannon went home, she also helped Dean to make makeup and matching clothes for the 12 real dolls.

Dean said, “Some people may think that my behavior is creepy, but I didn’t hurt anyone.” Lei said, “Although my father didn’t hurt anyone, I know these behaviors are crazy, for example, when When I got home, Dolly was lying on the couch “watching TV”, Athena “bubble a cup of tea” in the kitchen, and the blonde upstairs Sarah is “reading.”

Dean said, “When my first love doll, Sarah, appeared, I wouldn’t think of her as a sex toy after a few hours.” Dean often separated his dolls and Exchange “head” and “body” and apologize to his dolls for their own behavior.
Dean said that he originally purchased these sex dolls as their own photography models, but these sex dolls have now become “good friends” in his life.
Dean bought these dolls from the ES Doll Dolls factory manufacturer. He said, “I can afford it. My house doesn’t have a mortgage yet, and I still have a pension.”

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