Knowledge of Sex Doll Manual – Part 1: Q & Y about staining

I don’t like to have stains on my love doll. It’s a problem that affects how you feel when you use them, so preventing staining of the Love Doll skin is very important. So, here are some of the things you might be worried about

Q1: Dark-colored clothes to be worn stain the love doll? How to avoid it?
Put the dark-colored clothes in warm water containing laundry detergent. Wait for about ten minutes and see if there is any bleeding of the color of the clothes into the water. If not, it’s okay. If not, it’s okay. If there is, prepare water and wash again. Repeat over and over until there is no bleeding.

Q2: Can white clothes be dyed?
No, we do not dye love dolls because white fabric is usually not tinted.

Q3: Are love dolls easily stained by clothes?
It depends on the clothes. If the clothes don’t fade, we don’t dye them. If you are worried about it, you don’t have to wear the clothes for long.

Q4: If I wash my doll and the color doesn’t bleed, can I keep her in dark colored clothes?
If it is a dark color, you should try not to let her wear it for a long time. Love dolls can be left naked for a long time. If it is underwear, it is best to keep it as white as possible.
Even if the color does not fade, it is not advisable to wear it all the time. Be especially careful with the knees and hips, which are in constant friction with the costume. If something happens, it will be very noticeable if there is dirt on it.

Q5: Will the wig be dyed on the doll?
Don’t worry, we don’t dye high quality wigs that are shipped with dolls from us. We don’t know much about wigs purchased from other stores, but if you are worried about it, please be careful.

Q6: How do I remove the stained color?
You use a color erasing cream specially designed for dolls to remove the color.

Q7: If the dyed area is large, is it effective to use the color removing cream?
Yes, it does. You can usually get it back to normal. If the staining is not severe, you can apply olive oil and wash it off with water to clean it. Then apply baby powder.

Q8: You said olive oil, can I use edible olive oil?
The olive oil I just mentioned refers to olive oil for skin.

Q9: How corrosive is the color-blocking cream?
Color-blocking creams are slightly corrosive. That’s why it can remove stains and dirt. For this reason, it is best not to use it unless the stain is so bad that it cannot be removed by water or other means.

Common sense about using love dolls Part 2: Hair, body, and face Q&Y
How do I wash my wig? Worried about the oiliness of your body? What about makeup? Read the following and you’ll know it all!

Q10: How do I maintain my wig?
You can wash it with shampoo. You can use a conditioner afterwards to make your hair even softer.

Q11: What kind of cosmetics should I buy?
Ordinary cosmetics for girls are enough. You can choose your favorite color. You don’t need to worry about the brand.

Q12: Does my love doll’s skin get oily? How can I stop it from coming out?
If it is a love doll, it is inevitable that the skin will produce oil. In the case of silicone dolls, the amount is a little less than that of TPE dolls, but in any case, if the oil comes out, you can often apply baby powder. This will reduce the oiliness.

Q13: How do I apply the baby powder? When you finish applying it? Do I just leave it there?
Apply baby powder to the doll’s entire body. When you are done, you can put it on the bed or hang it up.

Q14: How often do you apply baby powder?
About once a month.

Q15: Do you put water in the doll?
No, I don’t. The whole doll is made of silicon and other seamless materials. However, the neck is made of metal, so please be careful not to let it come into contact with water.

Common sense about using love dolls Part 3: How to handle sex dolls
This is the last Q & Y!

Q16: Can I leave the doll in the same posture for a long time? Is it bad for the doll to sit for a long time?
If you sit in the same position for a long time, it is not good for your doll. It is better to change it every three days. If you sit for a long time, your hips may become flat. If you have to do so, please put a soft comforter or pillow under the buttocks to prevent the buttocks from deforming.

Q17: Can I store it in a suitcase?
As much as possible, don’t. It’s bad for the doll’s body to shrink after a long time.

Q18: How should I move my doll?
Normally, you can move the doll by placing it on a wheelchair. You can also move the doll by carrying it on your bosom or back, but please be careful not to break the doll’s skin and skeleton or fall on it.

Q19: What should I do about the marks on my doll’s skin caused by hard objects pressed against it?
Soak the scar with warm water. You can soak the area with warm water, or apply a warm compress to the area where the mark is. This will help to remove the marks.

Q20: What should I do if I bend the joint too much and the skin wrinkles?
Since the skin of TPE dolls is soft, it is common for wrinkles formed by over-bending to be temporarily irreversible. Leave it for a while and it will recover naturally. You can decrease the recovery time by soaking in warm water or using warm compresses.

Q21: Can the waist be bent?
There is a joint set up at the waist. It can bend in the forward direction, but not in the backward direction. It can also be rotated to some extent to the right, left, and both directions. Newly purchased dolls may find the waist joint a little difficult to move. You can use it more. Please do not rough it up.

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