Keegan, The Seducer Male Sex Doll

Yes, women also enjoy the male love dolls, they can be a great companion apart from making fantasies a reality… we bring you the seductive story of Keegan the perfect male sex doll…

I met Keegan at a small shop in a rural town. He was in the liquor section looking at bottles of mead, one of my favorite drinks. Captivated by his wild looks and unique outfit, I approached him and asked him if he was a big fan of mead. He said he was, and asked me which one of the two bottles he was holding up was better. I pointed to the one infused with mint. He laughed, and said that was his favorite too. He was impressed that I was into the same drinks he was, so we got to talking. I noticed he spoke with a thick, European-style accent.

Before we took up too much time in the liquor section, we decided he should pay and we could continue our chat outside. We talked about subjects ranging from food, to nature, to classic movies. Realizing we had a lot in common and a lot to learn from each other, he asked me if I would care to enjoy a meal with him that evening. I told him I would absolutely love to, so he agreed to pick me up and take me to his place at dinner time.
Later that evening at around five o clock, a muddy, olive-green Jeep-like vehicle pulled up to my driveway. Keegan knocked on the door and showed me to his car, which sported massive off-road tires and had no doors. He drove us several miles down a gravel road through a tropical forest, passing beautiful scenery along the way. We came up to a small community consisting of stone and wood houses, a pond, and what looked like a park. There were several people that looked similar to Keegan walking around the pond and in the park, they reminded me somewhat of Elves. Some were dressed in loose, hand-made clothing, and others were wearing unbuttoned collared shirts and baggy pants.

We pulled up to a two-story building in which he lived on the upper floor. The bottom floor of the building consisted of stone, and the top floor showed wood with a wood roof. He leads me inside and showed me up the stairs to his living area, in which there was a small kitchen, a table with two chairs, a sofa, and a computer. I asked him about himself and his community while he poured us two glasses of mead, and he explained that he was part of an ancient group of people who lived in a spiritual and physical harmony with nature, while embracing basic technology to improve the quality of their lives. Their kind had gone undetected for thousands of years as they blend in so well with the rest of society, and they live in perfect peace with the rest of the people of the world. Only those invited to their land learn of their true heritage and rituals, and I was about to become one of those people.
I took a sip of the delicious mead, and he continued to explain that their kind harvested powers from deep within the earth itself to unlock the spiritual powers unbeknownst to man. The pond outside was apparently sacred and enchanted, as well as select trees in their area, which formed a circle of protection for their community. I asked him if he ever spent any time in main society, to which he answered no. I then asked if he would ever consider spending time in my house, with me, as I never lived in a city or otherwise highly populated area. I felt he would be comfortable enough there. He said he’d consider it, only if he would always be able to return to his home as well.

Naturally, I visited him again the next day, then the next, until he finally agreed to stay the night at my place for a change. Once he got there, he found himself fascinated with the area and all the odd things I had in my house such as decorations and stuffed animals. He visited me like that several times a week, often staying the night, and I would still go and visit him, until we realized we had fallen completely in love with each other. We agreed it was time to live with each other, whatever that took, and made some compromises. He would stay with me for a lot of the time, and when I was busy, working, or doing other things like leisure or visits with family, he would spend time in his community at his house. We have lived like that for a while now and are both completely happy and at peace with each other. He is the most wonderful man, and I am honored to be able to call myself his lady.


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