Is this a sign of a sex doll’s departure?

Annette points to the stairs leading to the production workshop, where sex dolls are brought together and brought to life. It was a bunch of destinations suspended from an overhead conveyor and suspended a few feet from the ground. It’s like we just missed the mass slaughter of a dry cleaner or a meat packaging factory. She clarified, but these are not yet RealDolls, they are dolls waiting for Schuyler Dawson to bathe. Schuyler Dawson is scrubbing the Classic RealDoll Body 4 (four feet ten, seventy-seven pounds), then doing some final touches, maybe some French Manicured nails, freckles or fluffy sticky mohair pubic hair.

Between the Classic and RealDoll2 models, customers must determine which of the 11 different body types and 31 faces they want. They choose from more than 30 styles and shades of nipples; skin and lip types; hair and eye color; pubic hair (trimmed, natural, plumped, shaved); eyebrows (dummy hair); removable tongue, tattoos , Perforations; oral inserts (for example, a seven-inch “deep throat”).

There may be thousands of configurations, and prices will go up, and more customization options will come into play. A man with a body fetish had asked for a fine hair to be manually pierced on a female doll to make it almost ape-like, but the price was as high as $ 10,000. McMullen dropped a $ 50,000 offer to make sex dogs “very rescued” -sounding hunk, but he suspected it was a radio show prank. He refused to raise animals or children.

Another area of ​​McMullen’s personal moral intervention is celebrities. Unless permission is given, he will make a doll roughly similar to one but incomplete. Annette remembers a woman who ordered a Sweeney Todd doll with a spooky white wig that looked as much like Johnny Depp as possible. Female customers make up a minority (less than 10%). Some people buy female dolls. Now in front of us is a standard male, a doll like Ken, and a woman paying extra for this sex doll to jumper and get custom features: cat eyes, fangs, natural toenails, and Slack and hard penis attachment.

Here, many unusual products are made directly according to customer requirements. Gay men may be due to the existence of compact “bottom-up” toys in five skin tones (cheeks with different shapes, hanging testicles). Androgynous doll lovers can be picky. Some people want a vagina and a penis. Some people want a penis, vagina, but no testicles. Others want removable genitals so they can move back and forth between genders. When their penis is fed up, they can remove the attachment and put the ordinary vagina back until they are tired.

Doll valley
Acoustic hydraulic hoists are removing objects from the mold. It takes three months to make a doll, but if someone orders an express, it only costs $ 1,500 more and can be completed in a month. Abyss sells an average of 6 to 10 copies a week. Believing that quality is better than quantity, the company does not like to oversell. However, 10 units were shipped this week. There are 45 purchased dolls on the waiting list. Four more orders were received this morning.

They range in height from forty to fifty and weigh between 60 and 125 pounds. Annette showed off her latest model, Body D, which is popular for its 36DD, plump hips (made with a gel implant to make it rocker), a 24-inch waist and thicker legs. “This is our most demon vol girl and feels her.” I felt creepy without permission. “That’s her breasts. Keep giving them a feel!” I quickly ran a finger down her arm, disgusting recoil.

According to the “Singularity Valley” theory in human aesthetics, this reaction occurs when humans first come into contact with realistic sex dolls, robots, or near perfect digital images. But spending more time around them may bring a positive, empathetic feeling. This is real. When I return to the abyss next month, a beautiful and mysterious Body D will have a hypnotic effect on me. I circle and admire “Brooklyn” from different angles, and I will try my best to touch her back and pat her ass without shame.

Standing on a variety of body parts scattered around and around the table, a cheerful, wealthy, 50-something man is picking up his $ 9,000 doll, a supermodel in California playing volleyball. Annette met with him and his wife for hours, helping them create it. They are very picky about hair, eyes and complexion. The happy husband told production manager Blake Bailey how beautiful it is and would not speak to reporters. According to Stacy Leigh, the owner “is very annoying the press, it is almost a mistake, and the people you want to talk to with you here won’t talk to you. They are afraid to lose their jobs, so they leave it to the marginalized and they are almost crazy. “

X-Class Tickle Me Elmo
Matt McMullen left his office and walked in front of hard rock band Nick Black, looking like his doll. He looks more like Kurt Cobain. Wearing a tattoo, a floral-patterned shirt, jeans and a few earrings, he could become a rock star at the age of 40. (He is 45 years old.) His music career has been put on hold. He leaned on the leather sofa and said, “I’m in a mode now, and I’m addicted to dolls again.” “The grim reality is that you have to pay the bill, and one of my two creative stores tends to be more for me profitable.”

He is facing his fate as a Wicked Pictures contract star in Wicked RealDolls. Wicked RealDolls start at $ 6,749, which is a little more expensive than some models, but comes with additional features such as a signature certificate, a bottle of perfume chosen by an actress, and sometimes even a phone. Jessica Drake, who co-starred with RealDolls in futuristic porn 2040, allegedly called Abyss customers who bought her avatar and even provided clothing for the doll. Recently, Matt teamed up with Asa Akira to come in to shape her hands, feet, nipples, genitals, and everything else.

He said, “Of course, this is fun-what you can do worse every day.” According to Annette, it’s a “difficult” process for evil girls, but when their portraits are on AVN Expo When they made their debut, they felt honored. “We already know them, companies and girls,” Matt said. “Great man.” His phone rang; one of his children. On the table between us was a book by Helmut Newton, including several RealDolls. Underneath it are diamonds and pearls: Dolce & Gabbana-The designer meets Matt, and then decides to replace this model’s 10-pound doorstop with this doll.

He is here every day, but can’t supervise everything and often feels listless. Take your time to put yourself in the right creative mode, such as sculpting new faces. Then he will be troubled by many things. phone. client. His second wife. His ex-wife owns 49% of the business (she is not involved in operations). Someone asked him to approve the makeup job. Dolls do not fit in crates. At the same time, he is trying to shape new faces.

Given his strong dr, Matt will spend all his time creating new things. Beneath the hall is Abyss’ sister company Phoenix Studios, which makes Boy Boy dolls, a smaller sex doll series he created in 2008. Phoenix is ​​increasingly used in prosthetics for mastectomy patients as well as fetish costumes for resistance performers and transgender people. He said: “We just made this product line. It’s basically a wearable breast shirt. It’s made of silicone and looks completely real.” “It’s like the skin of a wearable doll, This is what people have been asking for years. “

He wanted to show off a wearable chest with built-in genitals and “shorts” that could convincingly change gender. He said in the studio: “This is a different adventure than a doll, it’s a new way.” “I’m here, living on my chest! That’s what I do. They come in all sizes and shapes. Voila We have come up with all these different nipples to meet people’s requirements, because no matter what you have, there will always be people who like, “No, I want my nipples to be fluffy red.” You are like, “Red? “Yes, red is like a fire truck.” “So the red nipples are there.” The chart on the wall lists a variety of nipple colors and designs, from light red to hot red to pink, chestnut, bronze, pink, tan, brown, black, Standard Mini, Mini 1 and 2, Perky, Super Puffy, XL Puffy, XXL Puffy, V Puffy, “Texas,

Matt is less excited about robotics and artificial intelligence, and he feels pressure to move in that direction. People keep asking when the doll will turn around. He explained: “I’m in pain because it sounds really cool, but at the same time, I like the old-fashioned style that is now.” There is also something pure about the way his clients now interact with them, when sexbots It may also be lost when available.

He continued: “I think this will get rid of the real relationship with the doll, and this is mainly imagination.” “You program a doll to agree with everything you say and do everything you say It ’s always kind to you, and it ’s boring to do whatever you want. I will tell you by heartbeat that dolls can never replace real women. I mean, half the challenge and half the battle of a relationship is a constant tension between men and women as we all know relationship.”

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