Is It Cheating For A Husband To Use A Sex Doll?

A married customer bought a love doll from our store and used it only twice, but his wife found out about it. When his wife saw the cute and sexy love doll, she became angry and claimed that her husband had cheated on her. However, the husband thinks it is his wife who is exaggerating something innocent and trivial.

For the sake of privacy, let’s call this customer Mr. Z.
The situation is as follows.
He used to be a healthy young man, but now his body is getting fatter, his hair is getting shorter, and his strength is decreasing. His wife couldn’t stand the sight of his fat belly and demanded that he go on a diet and said she wouldn’t have sex with him unless he got his body back. Mr. Z was very worried. He was so worried that he couldn’t have sex, so he decided to buy a masturbator. Z-san looked around the room and decided to order one after confirming that the chest would hold the love doll. After receiving the doll, he used it twice, looking for an opportunity when his wife was not at home.
One day later, when he was having dinner with his wife, she suddenly pulled out her phone, showed it to Mr. Z, and asked, “What do you think of this? Mr. Z realized that the screen was a love doll site and instantly thought it was a bad idea, but he pretended to be calm and replied, “It’s okay. Then she said something Z hadn’t expected. “If you could, would you be glad you married this instead of me?” You know that I cheated on my wife, don’t you? You know that I had an affair. Me? That thing in the dresser, that’s evidence, isn’t it? How can you call that cheating? You’re not a person. You’re just a doll. It’s even worse. Well, I’m not even a doll, am I? What kind of a thought process is that? I collect a lot of handsome figures myself. What kind of thinking is that? How can you compare your hobby to your affair partner? “Cheating on me is overrated! The only reason I bought this is because you turned me down! You know why I turned you down, don’t you?
The two of them then got into a heated fight, focusing on whether or not buying and using a love doll could be considered cheating and whose fault it was that he bought the love doll. After the fight, his wife still doesn’t understand and seems to be even more angry, and Mr. Z is also very worried about why his wife is thinking like this. That’s why he contacted our customer service. He wanted to talk about the situation and ask if this kind of thing looks good to a love doll seller.


To be honest, when I started selling adult products like love dolls, I was wondering if I would have this problem. Customers are different, and I don’t think it’s strange what happens. I believe that there will always be, even if this time is no different. We discussed this issue with the staff. Here are some of their memorable comments
Coworker A: If you don’t lose weight, you won’t have sex. Isn’t this more of a threat than an encouragement?
Coworker B: A woman who collects handsome figures is very strict about her husband’s appearance. Well, Z has gained weight, and as a woman, it’s understandable that she would like her partner to have a healthier body, but isn’t what we’ve seen so far just Z talking to herself? I think it’s possible that the wife is just worried about her husband’s health and wants him to have a stronger body, but Z is always ignoring her words, and she has no choice but to do this.
Coworker C: On the other hand, your wife is very high level, so it’s possible that she had an affair with you long ago and was just using the love doll as an opportunity to pick a fight with you.
Coworker D: Mr. Z is too careless. I think it’s only natural that he would find out that I bought a love doll to live with my wife.

As a result of my consideration, the author would like to conclude with a thought. Although the love doll seems to be the center of this incident, it is actually not the most important point. I would like to analyze the case in three points.


If the wife is selfish and only demands this and that of her husband every day according to her own likes and dislikes, it is not good. In this case, threatening her with no sex if she doesn’t reduce her body weight is unhealthy and unthinkable, both as an adult and as a wife.
2. If the wife had actually already made a lot of efforts to improve Mr. Z’s physical health, it would not be surprising if this happened to her. Rather than a love doll, Mr. Z should reconsider how he has been treating his wife. Don’t ignore your wife’s opinions, but be more gentle with her.
3. In my opinion, the use of a love doll should not be regarded as cheating. In fact, there are women who buy female dolls and play with them together with their wives, or even play with male dolls and their husbands. A love doll is just a doll, even if it has a pretty face, full breasts, firm buttocks, thin waist and long sexy legs to give the user a rich and realistic sexual experience, in essence it is just like a masturbator. Both are intended for simulated intercourse. Let’s imagine this. If Mr. Z bought and used a masturbator instead of a love doll, would his wife be so angry? Would she even insist on having an affair? I don’t think so. The reason is that a masturbator is just a product. A love doll that imitates the human form is also a product. It’s not a person with a heart.
Mr. Z and his wife should not quarrel with each other over a love doll. Mr. Z should take better care of his own body and give more importance to his wife’s opinion. He should take better care of himself and value his wife’s opinion, and she should be more understanding of his work. Talking to each other, being tolerant, and understanding each other’s feelings is the key to keeping a good marriage in the world.

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