Inside Studios, “social club” in sex doll controversy

The owner of Studios, known as the “Mobile Gender Social Lifestyle Club,” said that clubs in downtown Las Vegas should not be confused with sex doll activities temporarily co-located in the same venue.

“We have been there for 6 years and we haven’t encountered any problems today,” owner Joyce Judge said on Tuesday.

On the same day, the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a report that raised concerns that the property, located at 5150 S. Pecos Road, was used as a sex club and sex doll brothel.

In an email on January 31, Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said enforcement of the law had pending cases on the property.

He wrote that the case “was initiated by a complaint against the owner’s ownership of an unlicensed business.” “Since 2017, there have been no other complaints.”

County records show that the studio was licensed in 2016 to operate the Fluid Lifes Learning Center as an educational institution, but could not find a license record for a Las Vegas sex doll experience operating at the same location.

The 73-year-old judge called The Studios “the social place for all persuasion.” She did not deny that it was a sex club.

“If people have sex, they will have sex in some private rooms,” she said.

The photos on the Studios website show a room with a bed, sofa, TV, at least one striptease and strapping equipment.

The judge said that the sex doll experience company leased retail space for the property from before Christmas to the end of January.

“They showed me that they were selling dolls,” she said.

The owner said that Belgium’s first personality doll “brothel” will be closed and these dolls are on sale.

“The enthusiasm is over,” Het Nieuwsblad reports, said Fabrice Jacobs, who owns a brothel in the town of Meise, Flemish Brabant.

He bought a total of eight “premium” dolls, which vary in height, skin tone and bust. Jacob originally imported these dolls from the United States, but because the price of each doll was 2,000 euros, he started buying these dolls in China, where the prices were cheaper.

The new sex doll brothel is licensed in Clark County and operates outside The Studios, a “mobile gender social lifestyle club”, but residents are not happy with it. Clarks County Law Enforcement is currently investigating Studios and suspecting it is operating without a license.

Studios got a license to run an educational institution back in 2016, but the sex doll brothel is fine, which is the opposite of what I said. They run under the name “Fluid Lifestyles Learning Center”, but have beds, sofas, TVs, strippers and even bundled equipment inside Studios-very educational.

The Las Vegas Review Magazine reported that the “sex doll experience” changed its website as soon as it was investigated. Prior to the update, the site wanted customers to “indulge in the ultimate sexual experience”, but the site was updated the next day to ask Buyers “try them before they buy” sex dolls.

Prior to the website change, Sex Dolls Experience’s website said that customers had to make an appointment-where they arrived, to meet with the host, pick a doll, choose a wig and clothing, and then escort you to a private room to allocate time for your service.

The next day, the website was updated and panicked: “We are not a brothel!”

Sex robots are nothing new, and “coding errors” make people worry that they will kill their partners in action.

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According to Het Laatste Nieuws, Jacobs, who turned his living room into a brothel about two years ago, said: “I now realize that it doesn’t work for me and sits so much at home until the client leaves.”

They are made of TPE silicon, so the “skin” adapts to room temperature and has a lifelike feel. Dolls cost 50 euros for half an hour, 80 euros for one hour, and 120 euros for 90 minutes.

Initially, the owner described his brothel as “very successful,” with up to a few customers and even regular customers. However, for unclear reasons, after the company temporarily closed in 2019, Jacobs decided to permanently close the store.

These dolls are now available for sale on the brothel’s website. Prices range from € 850 for a doll with an A cup to € 1,000 for a doll with a D cup.

The judge said on Tuesday she was still waiting to return the key to the space. She said she didn’t see the sex experience website until Tuesday.

According to the site, the “sex doll experience” provides customers with an opportunity to spend time interacting with sex dolls in private rooms, but did not disclose hours, prompting a licensed sex worker to describe it as “Sex doll brothel.”

After contacting Review Magazine, Sex Doll Experience declined to comment and made some changes to its website last week.

Initially, its website invited customers to “be addicted to the ultimate sexual experience”, but the next day it stated that the “sex doll experience” allowed prospective buyers to “try” dolls before buying.

It also added a statement: “We are not brothels!”

The judge said more than 6,000 square feet of property near Tropicana Avenue belonged to the church. It is owned by Circles of Light Investment Fund LLC, according to the Clark County Evaluator’s website.

The Studios’ online calendar lists multiple events for couples in February that are free for homeless people.

The judge stated that the film crew also used the property. Although the pictures on the website said “become a porn star,” she said she did not know of any porn videos on the scene.

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