Inferior clothes, how to do sex doll dyeing?

I hope that when you see this article, you can solve the problem in your heart.
Sexual dolls can be dyed in many cases, because the inferior clothes fade, causing your doll to be painted.
In this case, you can buy a fade cream, and the fade cream won’t cost you.
If you buy TPE material will be very effective, other materials such as inferior silicone, plastic, etc.
, these will not have such a good effect, and why do you choose TPE material when choosing a doll? TPE is harmless to the human body.
It is the sublimation of ordinary silica gel and is the best material now.
You apply the staining cream to the dyed area.
After an hour or two, if there are any stains, you will continue to apply the fading cream and continue to wait.
Repeatedly applying the color will naturally disappear.
 But if you want to buy clothes for your sex doll in the future, don’t buy particularly inferior clothes, because the later work still needs you to complete.
 If you have any questions, please leave a message below and I will answer them one by one.

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