In Europe’s first sex doll brothel

Is sex doll the future of prostitution? Joel Golby heads to Barcelona to visit the center of this strange battlefield to explore the future of sexual politics.

A building in Barcelona houses Europe’s first sex doll brothel and real-life sex workers, competing to attract the city’s paying public. On the other side of the town is Stephan, a traditional brothel owner who leads the doll resistance in the fight to maintain market control.

Sergi Santos, the world’s leading inventor of sex robots, overlooks it all from his home on the hill. His “G Spot Maker”, with the same name as his wife, pushes the sex doll technology to the limit.

The new sex doll brothel is licensed in Clark County and operates outside The Studios, a “mobile gender social lifestyle club”, but residents are not happy with it. Clarks County Law Enforcement is currently investigating Studios and suspecting it is operating without a license.

Studios got a license to run an educational institution back in 2016, but the sex doll brothel is fine, which is the opposite of what I said. They run under the name “Fluid Lifestyles Learning Center”, but have beds, sofas, TVs, strippers and even bundled equipment inside Studios-very educational.

The website states: “Our vision for Natrl is to regulate the desire for” Natrl “and the fact that healthy sexual desire is normal.

“Using manufactured sex items is a way to exercise people’s fantasy and desire in a controlled environment.”

Dolls come with a personal profile and backstory. Ski instructor Anastasia, Lara, who recently retired from the army, and Cameron, the only on the roster.

An anatomically correct companion for clear s touch, with movable joints, hair, eyelashes, and weighing approximately 85 pounds.

There are other sex doll rental companies in Canada, but the industry is relatively new.

The discoverer said: “At present, our number one issue is contact, because people do have certain taboos on the industry.”

People spend some time on dolls, realizing that this is not just sex, but also a connection, a comfortable situation. “

“Our vision at Natrl is standardized by the fact that people have a desire for Natrl, and a healthy sexual desire is normal,” states the website. “The use of artificial sexual objects is a way to exercise any fantasy and desire in a controlled environment.

The company rents a variety of dolls with different backgrounds and names. These included an elf named Bella and an Australian party girl named Brooklyn. Most of these dolls are female-based, but there is also a male doll.

Owner Randy (his first name) told CTV News that Natlr costs $ 250 and can be careful when sending it out.

He also said that although they encouraged the use of protective measures, the dolls had to be washed thoroughly. The company uses a five-step process and uses ultraviolet light for processing.

But some have opposed the Nazi party. The Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter calls it “inhumane.”

“Men should boycott Natrl and refuse to participate in or support this downgraded industry,” Laurel McBride wrote in CTV News.

The company started with eight dolls and will launch a new doll in late February.

But if you’re willing to go to Vancouver, Vancouver already has a sex doll brothel.

The Las Vegas Review Magazine reported that the “sex doll experience” changed its website as soon as it was investigated. Prior to the update, the site wanted customers to “indulge in the ultimate sexual experience”, but the site was updated the next day to ask Buyers “try them before they buy” sex dolls.

Prior to the website change, Sex Dolls Experience’s website said that customers had to make an appointment-where they arrived, to meet with the host, pick a doll, choose a wig and clothing, and then escort you to a private room to allocate time for your service.

In Canada, attempts to open sex doll brothels have sparked debates around women’s objectification.

Psychologist Natalie Vandenberg said: “We don’t know much about how these objects affect our ability to have sex with others, our beliefs about sex, our templates for wakefulness,” he said. More research on this issue.

The United Kingdom conducted a study of 83 individual doll owners who were the vast majority of heterosexual middle-aged men who found that people had sex dolls for reasons other than sex. Partners, hobbies or art forms, and mental health are cited.

Although 77% of the respondents said that the relationship was the main purpose.

The owner of the Calgary company said the dolls were leased to someone who wanted to experiment, just like a client who didn’t want to use his name.

He told CTV News: “This is what to do, it’s an experience that adds color to things, it’s an experience.”

Each doll must be carefully transported, picked up and washed; this process takes about an hour and a half.

The website states: “Our dolls undergo four different cleaning processes, have been thoroughly disinfected, have undergone multiple audits, and have been inspected with a black light.”

Alberta Health Services has not received any complaints about cleanliness.

The AHS statement said: “Given that this type of business is still in its infancy, there are no requirements for AHS supervision of this type of business, whether it is approved for opening or regular business.

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