Humanity will legalize marriage with sex robots in 2050

At present, but the men’s favorite realistic sex dolls have entered the lives of many people, but the technology is improving, the user’s requirements are also improving, because the realistic love dolls can not communicate with you without heartbeat, always feel the shortcomings. Have you ever thought that in the future, the beautiful guys coming and going on the street, dressed and beautiful, talkative, efficient and love life, they have legal resident status, rights, and obligations, but in fact, they are artificial Sex robots. There are bold predictions that in 2050 humans will be able to marry their favorite robots, and people can’t tell which virtual robots are real robots with the naked eye.
Sex robots have the status of a real person, and the right to work, dating, marriage, freedom, etc. are the same as human beings. At that time, single people can work with robot companies to customize the types they like, including facial features, skin color, body, function, and more. Of course, it may not be possible to use 2050, and humans have lived together with robots for a long time. People don’t laugh at each other’s life with robots because they have different styles, some are partners, some are servants, workers, and so on.
Will you see the arrival of that day? Most people hope that having such a sex robot can bring us companionship, bring crazy love, and also have emotional sustenance.

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