how to use sex doll?

The physical doll can be used after it is bought and washed. Use it as much as you want. Pay attention to the range of movements. The skeleton also has a certain range of tolerance. Some brands of dolls are not very accurate, and may require you to move. The beauty made by me is pretty good. The position is the same as that of a real person. It should be 1:1.

It will usually be accompanied by instructions, and will tell you some methods and precautions for swinging the doll. If you want to know more, you can go to the relevant forum to learn. You can directly ask the customer service. They will answer your questions, including cleaning, dressing, and combing hair. This kind of physical doll is very realistic but has no interaction, so the use of the post-entry type should be the most convenient and labor-saving, thank you

small sex doll

Physical dolls are able to put their favorite postures in the reference range, but it is a bit tired. I basically take two or three hours before and after every fight.

Of course, it also depends on whether the doll you bought is the one you like. Otherwise, it is estimated that it is enough to choke. The beauty I bought is excellent, I feel okay, I don’t have the feeling of the online toothbrush. A climax enjoyment of the face is still good, there is a desire, when you receive it, you wash it directly and engage in three shots, and the second shot. I was half tired, holding and washing, a bit heavy.

how to use sex doll
how to use sex doll

How to use the physical doll, first look at the configuration of the doll, for example, Qi Qi doll, there are skeletons and joints, heating in the privacy, etc., with lubricating oil, you want to use it while standing, lying down, casual, happy.

How to use the solid doll depends on whether the doll has bones and how to use it is in the instruction manual. For example, it is very simple to use the Qiqi solid doll.

solid doll
solid doll

Buy a heartmate Nana, you can take pictures as well. . If you don’t play, just ask for customer service, I wish you have fun

See what you use it for, whether to play or be a photography model, cos. Of course, no matter what you plan to do, it is best to buy one with a standing function. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific use, please do not use it too extreme.

Most of the physical dolls are definitely used for popping, and some people like to collect them. Now there are really many doll brands. XY is running, EX, Xanax, Xingyi, Junying, beautiful people, alas, really dazzling

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