How To Use A Mini Sex Doll

Hi, our OUDOLL family, today let’s talk about how to use a mini sex doll properly, some people may think they are using it right, but actually, they do lots of inappropriate things to harm those cute little mini sex dolls. This section offers guidance for appropriate usage of your mini sex doll(s).

1. Unpacking

Open your package, inspect to determine available contents and signs of damage before your first use. If there were some damages on your mini sex dolls bought from our shop, you can contact us, we will offer you a satisfying solution. Check out the gift we send to you, there should be a doll, lingerie (random style), a blanket, a comb, gloves, a vaginal cleaner, and a USB heating rod, well the USB heating rob is for heating the pussy, if you want it warm inside.

2. Getting ready

After checking all those staffs, you can get ready to do it. Set a romantic mood to make it more realistic. You can watch some porn if you want. Ensure that it is well lubricated to avoid damaging your doll. If it’s not well lubricated, it will be very difficult for you to get inside, sex dolls are not like real human beings, for women, when they are vaginal is stimulated, it will secrete some liquid, this liquid can help man to slide in, but for sex dolls, they cannot secrete the liquid, so you have to add some lubricate to easy the work, also lubricant can help you feel better, get a better sex experience.

3. Positions and play

Our mini sex dolls are capable of the skeleton, so you can pose them in a different position, just as you wish. You can explore variations of positions like spooning, missionary, and doggy style in different parts of your house. But, it is worth mentioning, our sex doll’s skeleton can not be twisted at any angle. The mini sex doll doesn’t have access to have a full swing from different angles. You may not put extreme force to move her joints for any position. Don’t make them stand up for a long time! This is very dangerous. When the doll stands, all the weight of her body puts pressure on her legs, her legs may collapse. Also, don’t make her sit on a sofa for a long time! It’s almost the same as letting her stand, the weight of her whole body will be pushed to her hips, and her hips will be deformed or damaged. It’s better not to do this. Crops and straps do little in damaging the soft skin of your mini sex doll.

If you want your mini sex doll to last longer, you should pay attention to the maintenance, here are some tips for clean-up and care of mini sex dolls. Appropriate cleaning and maintenance of your doll entail the tips highlighted below.

Tips For Clean-up And Care Of Mini Sex Dolls

1. Remove excess lubricants and body fluid using a towel.

2. Remove the wig and vaginal insert for separate cleaning.

3. Use soap and warm water to keep your doll fresh and clean. Focus on the face, vagina, and mouth.

4. Avoid getting the head and neck too wet and cover the metallic parts.

5. Refrain from using hard sponges, wire brushes, abrasive soaps, and other general cleaning products

6. Lay your doll on towels and let it dry with spread legs and a fan nearby

7. DO NOT dry your mini sex doll near using a radiator or near an open fire.


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