How to Store Your Mini Sex Doll

Blond Cute Youngest Petite Sex Doll Janelle

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening every Oudoll member or any newcomers! Have you ever wondered how to store your mini sex doll? Especially for those people who buy their sex doll for the first time. Do you think the place nobody can find your sex doll is all capable of storing your sex doll? No, you are wrong, not all places are capable of storing your sex doll because if you didn’t store them rightly, they can break easily, if you want your mini sex doll to last longer, you may finish reading today’s blog! How can you avoid damage to your mini sex doll? You will find out soon!

First of all, the best way to store your sex doll is to hang them from the neck, and this way they can completely avoid stress deformation of the material and avoid the fear of distortion. But for this way, you need to buy the shelves and other equipment, and this may be inconvenient for many of you, because, you have to have enough places for a shelf, if you have seen the shelf for hanging sex doll, you will know, it’s not small, it’s large, and you have to put it outside, you cannot fit it in a closet or something, except for those people who live alone or their partner knows they have a sex doll, for many people they don’t want this way to store their sex doll.

However, this does not mean that you cannot store your sex dolls well because you cannot use the best method! There is an easier way! It is to lay it directly on its side. It can be anywhere. There is a condition for this. If the bottom is hard, stress deformation of the doll will occur, and the deformed part may not be able to return to the original position after a long time. The best way to deal with this is to put something soft like a futon under the doll to protect the doll’s body. If you like, you can also place soft pillows under the hips and knees.

The method you should NEVER try! Make them stand up! This is very dangerous. I’m sure some people are too lazy to make their dolls stand up against a wall after they’ve finished using them. Please don’t do that! When the doll stands, all the weight of her body (about 30 kilos) puts pressure on her legs, and if she stays in this condition for a long time, her legs will collapse. In severe cases, the skin may tear and the metal skeleton may come out. A doll with the ability to stand on its own can stand a little thanks to its design, but not if it can’t stand on its own! Please be careful!

Here is another way you should not try! Make her sit on a sofa or something! It’s almost the same as letting her stand, but the weight of her whole body will be pushed to her hips for a long time, and her hips will be deformed or damaged. It’s better not to do this.

General conclusions:

1. I recommend two proper storage methods: hanging it from the neck and laying it down with a mat underneath.

2. It’s best not to make them stand or sit all the time.

That’s all!

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