How to repair sex doll eyelash that already partially detached?

Maybe after a few months using your sex doll, you notice eyelashes are falling. Don’t worry it’s totally normal and very easy (and cheap) to fix. Because manufacturers only use fake eyelashes and soft glue they will fall one day. This is to prevent any damage to the silicone or the TPE. Let’s see how to replace the original eyelashes or place now ones in this guide.
What tools you need to change them
A box of eyelashes or the original ones if still in good condition.Eyelash glueEyelash tweezer The Eyelashes can be found in boxes in the make-up shop with or without glue.
eyelashes box
Price may vary from a few dollars to 20-30 dollars. Hence, the better the quality, the more expensive. If you don’t have an eyelash tweezer it’s fine, any other tweezer will be fine.
Eyelash Tweezer
Note that the glue is special for skin and eyelashes. Do not use other type of glue, you could damage both the doll and the eyelashes
Eyelash glue
How to place the EyelashesFirst you need to clean the area of all the old glue and any dust. Use the eyelash tweezer to set the eyelash in a proper position, and wait for the glue to dry once in place.
Placing an eyelash on TPE dollYou can adjust the length of the eyelashes with scissors when they are in place. Use any eyeliner to redo the makeup the same as the first day!

Liquid eyeliner applying to eyelid
In Conclusion You can use either old or new eyelashes After placing the new eyelash you can use an eyeliner to redo the makeup same as 1st day Only use makeup glue. Don’t use any glue such as superglue or you can damage both your doll and the eyelashes. You can change anytime the style of the eyelashes, in this case use reusable ones !

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