How to Get Your Favorite Sex Doll

Hello, dear customer, welcome to OUDOLL, do you find your beloved mini sex doll yet? Do you know how to place your order? Have you been worried if you choose the right options and if you will receive the doll you want to be? If you have worries about this, today I will introduce you to our website, I will explain to you how many parts our website has and how to choose and place your order!

Our website consists of nine parts, you can tell from the homepage, I will introduce you one by one. TO start with is Home Page, you can see some new mini sex dolls from the home page and some dolls on sale. The next part is All Doll, you can see all of our mini sex dolls from here, if you want to see all of our mini sex dolls, please come here, I bet you can find something you want. For the next five parts, you can choose a mini sex doll through classification, you can classify by Breats, Height, Price, Brand, Sex Doll Type. The next part is Sex Doll Blog, well what you are reading right now is the sex doll blog, we will write more blogs in the future, about how to wash and maintain a mini sex doll, you can get lots of information from here. The last part is Help & Info, you can find lots of answers here about How To Order, Sex Doll Price Match, Sex Dolls FAQ, Payment, Information, Sex Dolls Scam Alert, about OuDoll, Purchase Guarantee, Sex Doll Care.

When you are interested in a mini sex doll, you will click inside this doll right? The first thing you need to do is to see another photo of this doll right, then I advised you to see the parameter, it’s quite important, but many people tend to ignore this part, they just find a cute doll and buy it, if you didn’t see the parameter, the doll you receive probably so much different with what you expect. Then you may contact us online or by email, ask if we have stock in the US, in most conditions, we have stocks in the US, if we are out of stock, we will ship you one from China, which takes longer normally. If you want to customize your mini sex doll (Free Custom Series and customized functions at an additional charge), you can take a look at the Free Custom Series, you can tell us your skin options, eye customization, wig options, fingernail color. If you want your mini sex doll more realistic, you can choose if you want your mini sex doll capable of Standing Function, Detachable Function, Gelly breasts, EVO Skeleton, Vocalize, and Heating.

After you choose those options, you can add your favorite mini sex doll to the cart, if you want to buy more, you can contact us, we may give you a discount, after all this, you can click a button on the top of right, it’s a button of a shopping bag picture, proceed to checkout, if you are new to our shop, please fulfill your data, the billing data, after adding your bank card here and pay, all you need to do is waiting for your mini sex doll to come, we accept lots of bank cards like Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover. That’s all, my friend, thank you for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to talk with us 🙂

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