How To Clean MINI SEX DOLL Easy And Comfortably

Sex toys are amazing. They’ve been spicing things up for many people throughout the years and have made it possible to experience unimaginable pleasure. During the last couple of years, the sex doll market has significantly grown. There are manufacturers all over the world making all kinds of amazing sex dolls. Some even offer full customization options for their products, making them as personal as they can get.

The thing about sex dolls is that there are half-dolls available as well. You don’t need to get a full-sized mannequin if you don’t want one. You can get the lower or upper part of the sex doll, or a specific part such as the pelvic region. No matter what kind of sex doll you get, one thing is certain – you’ll have the time of your life with it.

There’s one thing people tend to forget before buying a sex doll and it’s maintenance and cleaning. Because these dolls are used in such an intimate way, it’s extremely important to keep them clean and sterile. With full-sized dolls, it can be a bit challenging because of their size. Depending on the material used to make the doll, you can spend up to two hours just cleaning it after use.

The truth is, no matter what kind of sex doll you have or you’re planning on buying, keeping it clean and sterile is as important as it can get. Here’s how to do it.

Wash It After Every Time You Use It

There are two types of sex dolls on the market. tpe and silicone sex dolls. Whichever one you choose, it is very important to keep it clean and hygienic.

Sex dolls should be cleaned thoroughly after use. A water-based lubricant is recommended, so it needs to be cleaned off the next time you use it. Depending on the material of the sex doll, you will need to spend some time cleaning it.

The cleaning process is not complicated. It is recommended to use cold water immediately after intercourse and finally warm water and a mild antibacterial soap. This is important as most people don’t use sex dolls every day. If they have been stored for a long time, it is recommended that they are cleaned before use.

Washing is indeed important, but drying is equally important. If you wash all the holes and cracks out of your sex dolls before storing them, but don’t dry them, mould will start to grow and it will be difficult to use them safely again. Gently wipe the doll with a towel to dry it. Scrubbing vigorously will cause damage to the skin and will not save as much time. Wipe your doll with a clean, dry towel, making sure you get all the water off. Do not use a hair dryer under any circumstances as it can cause heat damage.

Silicone dolls are usually easier to maintain because thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are more porous and have more small cracks that can be filled with water and dirt.

Special Care For Vaginal And Anal Cavities

When it comes to the more intimate parts of your sex doll, they require more special care than other parts of the doll. The mouth, vagina and anus are where your private parts are placed and it is important to keep them as well as possible. Because of this, regular antibacterial soap is not enough for regular maintenance. You should use special products such as a douche or squirty bottle to clean these decayed teeth thoroughly. As it is a very delicate part of every sex doll, keeping it as clean as possible will eliminate any possibility of you getting an infection.

Talcum Powder Isn’t Only For Babies

Talcum powder and sex dolls may sound like they don’t mix, but the truth is that talcum powder is a product that leaves the skin soft and silky. After cleaning your sex doll, you should sprinkle talcum powder over the entire sex doll and wipe it down.

The material of the sex doll will feel sticky and hard after it has been completely cleaned. This is why it is recommended to use some kind of product to reduce the stickiness and softness of the doll. Talcum powder not only smells great, but is the perfect product to make sex dolls feel as realistic as possible.

Use It Smart And Correctly Store It

While this may not sound like it has anything to do with cleaning your sex dolls, it will make all the difference. When it comes to using it smartly, what we mean is that you should do your research and consider which lube you’ll be using. Water-based lubricants are the easiest to clean and are recommended for use with any type of sex doll. There are many options to choose from, so following manufacturer specifications and recommendations is usually the best option.

While some lubricants may make you feel better or give you a heated or cooled feeling, water-based lubricants are the only ones that will keep your sex dolls in mint condition and are the easiest to clean.

When it comes to storing your sex doll, most people think that keeping it in a dry, dark wardrobe is enough. The truth is that if you don’t keep it in its original packaging, your sex doll will deteriorate much faster. You should also keep it clothed, as less dust will fall on it. This is especially important if you don’t use your sex doll every day.

A thorough cleaning process should be carried out at least every 30 days and storing your sex doll correctly will ensure that you can enjoy it for a long time.

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