How to clean a sex doll?

One of the most frequently asked questions about our realistic sex dolls is how to clean them after a sex doll fucking.The removable vagina of the realistic sex doll can be cleaned more easily. Just take out the masturbator of the sex doll, turn it upside down and wash it with detergent. You can clean your real sex doll’s mouth, cunt, and anus in a variety of ways.

You can do it in the bath or shower or while the sex doll is lying on the bed. The method I suggest is to lay the sex doll on her side after the bath or shower is over and follow the steps below.

1. Grab one of the sponges cut into small pieces, use tweezers to dip that sponge in warm water, and antibacterial soap to coat it.

2. Insert the sponge into your realistic sex doll’s pussy or anus and use the tweezers to gently move it around and clean the sex doll’s holes.

3. Remove the sponge and clean it with warm water. Repeat steps 1 and 2 depending on how dirty it is. At this stage, the vagina and anus of those sex dolls will be clean and free of bacteria.

4. Using tweezers again, grab a dry sponge and insert it into the realistic mini sex doll’s pussy and anus to remove most of the moisture.

5. Wrap a paper towel around the tip of the pliers and gently slide it in and out of the secret area of those realistic mini sex dolls again. Then let it dry almost completely.

6. Finally, use baby powder on the outside of those mini sex dolls’ vaginas and anus.

Now your realistic mini sex doll’s sensitive areas will be clean and clear. The mouth of the mini sex doll is the same as the above procedure. Cleaning this one is much easier. It also applies to male realistic mini sex doll’s holes. The way to clean realistic male mini sex doll’s dick is way much easier, it’s similar to the way how men clean their dicks.

How Do I Clean My Dolls Body?

We have found that the actual process of cleaning can be a very therapeutic ritual. Many customers have found that the process can heighten the bond between you and your doll.

To avoid bacterial build-up, we suggest a thorough clean every 14 days – depending on your usage, you may consider cleaning more frequently.

  • Antibacterial soap
  • Water
  • Talcum powder (baby powder)
  • Light sponge
  • A non-abrasive cloth

Also here are some advice on how to clean those realistic mini sex doll’s wigs:

Schoolgirl Small Breast Silicone Mini Sex Doll Aliana 130cm 4ft 2

At first, each mini sex doll wore a wig. However, as time goes on, it will be found necessary to purchase more and more wigs for the mini sex dolls. Wigs are beautiful and they help to enhance the beauty of the realistic mini sex doll and diversify the doll’s appearance.

Wigs come in different colors, lengths, and sizes. The wig you buy for a mini sex doll will depend on personal preference and skin color. Some people will try their best to provide a variety of looks for their phisical mini sex dolls, but need to be aware that more cleaning and maintenance methods and time are needed before they are worn on the head of a physical mini sex doll. In addition, the maintenance of wigs depends largely on the material of the wigs. Braided human hair is treated differently from synthetic wigs due to differences in its genetic makeup and fibers.

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