How To Become A Mini Sex Doll In The Easiest Way

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to be on the opposite side for once? Do you ever imagine yourself as a sexy woman, being the center of attention and desire? If you are curious about how this experience would be, let me introduce you to the world of realistic silicone masks and bodysuits, that are able to turn you into the most beautiful doll that you can imagine.

Made with high quality silicone, and textures that closely resemble real human skin, roanyer’s products can help you to complete your transformation into a woman, by hiding your shapewear underneath. This method lets you retain a very feminine shape, with beautiful curves and even realistic boobs, and you’ll still be able to use revealing clothes with nice cleavages (or even a sexy lingerie).

Using a realistic silicone mask can completely change your face as well, with pre applied makeup and a clever design, those masks will do wonders to feminize your face, turning it into the face of a beautiful woman. Just apply the makeup around your eyes, so your skin blends better with the silicone on the eyeholes. After that, choose a nice wig (soon, some high quality heat friendly wigs shall be available at the crossdressers website as well, so make sure to check them out) to complete the look and check your new face on a mirror!

Roanyer even has some great options to alter your silhouette, such as realistic silicone breastplates and hip enhancement panties that will give you a beautiful hourglass figure when combined with a corset or corseted trousers. Secure your newly acquired nipples with a wire-free bra and try on some dresses or skirts to assess your hips to show off your extra femininity.

Another advantage of choosing roanyer products is the wide range of customisation options on offer, so you can become any woman you want to be. Breast shapes are available in almost every size, from small to extra large cups, and there are two types of padding to choose from, a more realistic and heavier silicone and a lighter and cheaper stretchy cotton.

You can also choose from a range of different colours of silicone to get a colour that better suits your skin tone. It helps a lot in the process of blending the silicone with your skin using cosmetics so it ends up being seamless, creating an extra realistic feeling effect. There are also different sized suits for different body types, some of which are full body suits with head masks and others designed for specific parts of the body, so one of these may be perfect for your needs. There are also simpler ones with just a chest armour, while the more realistic and complete ones include coverage of your abdomen and even from neck to toe.

When it comes to the neck, most products have good neck coverage, which is perfect for hiding your throat knot and better hiding your masculine features. This is relatively high and can easily be cut to fit you better. If you’re worried about hiding what’s between your legs or taking things to a sexier level, then the solution can also be found on the roanyer website. Try silicone vaginal trousers which contain a very realistic and wearable female genitalia, in addition to hiding your male part and enhancing your butt.

All of these products are designed to help crossdressers and transsexuals realise their feminine dreams with great attention to detail and quality control. They are state-of-the-art silicone prostheses specifically designed to make the physical male look and feel like a female. Embrace your inner doll and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities with a sexy feminine image.

Your goals and objectives with these products are entirely up to you, so you can try to discover and explore some new and daring sexual experiences, or simply dress up for aesthetic reasons. You can do whatever you want, including looking like a girl, and whatever you want, Roanye products will meet your expectations and satisfy your needs and desires.

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