How Mini Sex Dolls are Made?

Hi, my friend, welcome to OUDOLL, today we gonna take you on a new tour, during this tour, you will find how our cute mini sex dolls are made. You can’t wait? Then let’s go!

Normally, mini sex doll manufacturing insists on 7 steps, I will introduce you one by one here of the 7 steps (Blueprinting, Plastic sculpture creation, Mold making, Material injection, Cleaning the Dutchwife, Makeup, Packing, and shipping).

1. Blueprinting

This is one of the most difficult steps, data collection, create a mini-doll out of nowhere is difficult, we have to have a blueprinting to understand what kind of thing we are creating here, normally, we will collect market and customer needs, for example, customers’ favorite faces and bodies, or even tits, skin, also, we collect data from other markets like comic books and TVshows or even famous movies. Then will feedback the popularity data to the professional design team.

About the professional design team, our customers can trust us totally, we have an excellent mini sex doll design team. Our mini sex doll design team has over 20 years of experience in mini sex doll design. They have designed over 200 different kinds of mini sex dolls and have a wealth of design experience, they are relatively better than other mini sex doll design teams in the market. Once they get the rudimentary data, mini sex doll’s face, pickpocket size, body, they will use the popular data to create a blueprint of the mini sex doll with professional design software. They will adjust the blueprint and pass them to the mold department when it’s completed.

2、Plastic sculpture creation

We have a design team with over 20 years of experience, of course, we also have craftsmen with over 20 years of experience. We always keep in mind the spirit of handcrafting in OUDOLL company. When the artists get close to finishing the blueprint, they will start to make the mini sex doll statues by hand. Then they will make minor adjustments to match the actual appearance to make it look and feel more harmonious and perfect.

3. Mold making

I bet most of you know there are two types of materials used to make mini sex dolls: TPE and silicone. Once the statue is completed, the first thing they will do is to check the material used for production. The material we used to make the mini sex doll depends on what kind of material you want, we want to make sure you get the right one, normally, silicone mini sex dolls look more realistic but more expensive. Once confirmed, a mold is made based on the plastic figure, our professional team worker will test it to make sure there are no defects.

4. Material injection

At this point, we will check the customization, what kind of skin color, independent function, skeletal type, loose joint, breast type, vocal function, heating function, etc. During the process of making a customized mini sex doll, you cannot change the options, so you have to choose carefully how you want your mini sex doll to look and feel. Once it’s wrong, the only thing we can do is to rebuild it again.

After we confirm the customization, the skeleton of the mini sex doll will be fixed inside the mold, and then heated and melted TPE or silicone material is injected into the mold, if you have a chance to visit a sex doll manufacturing factory, I bet you like watching the step, it looks so relaxing and strange, then we will transfer the mold to the cooling pool to cool it down. Once the material has cooled, we will check if there are any defects, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction causes a gap to form between the mold and the material, so the material is removed from the pool and injected again, and the process is repeated over and over until the gap disappears. Sometimes it is necessary to remake the product. This is why the delivery time for orders is often one to two weeks.

5. Cleaning mini sex doll

The mini sex doll is complete, the mini sex doll is removed from the mold. On both sides of the freshly removed mini sex doll, there are lines formed by gaps in the mold. These lines and minor defects are dealt with and the surface of the mini sex doll is smoothed. Finally, the Dutch waifs are cleaned to remove any dust that may have adhered to them during production.


We have three experienced make-up artists. They all have advanced makeup skills and a wealth of make-up experience. After the mini sex doll is washed, that makeup artist will apply makeup to the mini sex doll. Our makeup team does all the make-up by hands, not by machine, because we want the mini sex doll to look more realistic, we use high-quality waterproof cosmetics so that the makeup will stay on in the long run. Because every mini sex dolls are special and different, so the mini sex doll makeup is difficult to change and can only be fine-turned.

7. Packing and shipping

When the makeup is done, the mini sex doll will be sent to a sterile room for the final disinfection. After this, we will apply baby powder to the skin of those mini sex dolls, that’s the reason why the mini sex doll you received has some ‘dust’ on the skin, that’s not dust, that’s the baby powder to prevent the skin from getting crevasse crack. Finally, we will place them in a transparent bag to prevent the dust from getting inside them. Once the customer confirms this, the mini sex doll our customers choose will be placed in a box and shipped. Materials such as cotton, pearl, bra are placed inside the box to prevent the mini sex doll from being damaged during transportation. And we pay lots of attention to the privacy, we will not write sex doll on our box, and nobody knows what’s inside, it may be a little bit when you get the luggage, you can just tell it’s furniture, that would be fine, or you can just refuse to answer them.

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