How can I take care of My Sex Doll’s Wig?

Wearing different styles and different colors of wigs on the face of the same sex doll will show different beauty and character. When you purchase a realistic sex doll, you will be given a wig with the doll, suitable for different styles of clothes and scenes. Sex doll wigs also need to be managed.

The wig can be washed once a few months, but it is worth noting that it cannot be washed in a washing machine and must be washed by hand. Also, after washing, do not expose to the sun and use a hairdryer. Here’s how ESDOLL will introduce how to care for a sex doll wig:
Cleaning sex doll:
Prepare a basin of water, the water temperature should not be too high, please use warm water or cold water, put a little shampoo inside, put the wig into the water, hold the wig by hand, until it is wet in the water, invade After 5-10 minutes, use your hands to gently brush the hair, remember not to wash it hard, just a few soft inside and outside. Then change the remaining foam with a basin of water, rinse it a few times, take out the wig and gently press to remove the water, remember not to force the screw, so as not to disturb the hair.
Prepare a clean towel, put the fake into the towel, wrap the towel around the wig, and gently press it a few times to let the towel absorb the moisture in the wig. The washed wig is placed on the wig frame. If it is not, it can be spread on the seat and placed in a well-ventilated position to dry the hair naturally. Remember not to expose to the sun and blow-dry with a hairdryer.
Place sex doll:
If the sex doll wig is not worn for a long time, it is good to put it in the box. If you can conditionally buy a wig, put it on the plastic rack and put it on the plastic bag, so that the original hair of the wig can be changed and the ash can be avoided. Remember not to put under clothing or heavy objects, so it is easy to deform.
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