Help Us to Select the Doll of the Summer 2018

One more year we are looking for the sex doll of the Summer 2018 and thanks to you and 752 participants we were able to select the best love doll for this Summer and get a special deal on the winner doll to all the participants

During the last few weeks, our customers and visitors have been voting for the doll of the summer. The contest has been closed today, Monday, August 6th and after reviewing 752 responses we have a winner!!

You can see the results here below


157cm (5ft2′) Eastern Redhead Love Doll

47.3% of the participants cannot be wrong! this is the sex doll of the summer! The sexy 157cm (5ft2′) B-cup from WM Dolls with head #162, is the doll selected as the best love doll for 2018! This doll was released later 2017 and since then, it has been a great success.

This doll can be customized as you prefer, this sexy skinny body can be combined with other heads, and you can select other hair, eyes, skin color options, and many more features. In this video, you can see this same doll with a different hair combination.

This doll has been so popular that we have been featured some of our customers’ models in our blog

Here is our doll ready to be shipped at the factory… who is she visiting? is it going to be you?


163cm (5ft4′) H-cup – Jasmine
With 29.1% of the votes, this doll was a strong candidate. Probably the doll of 2018 after going viral on Ryan Davis comedy video. Jasmine is a very popular thicc doll with big boobs that hasn’t left anyone indifferent!!

9.3% of the votes went to Becca 146cm (4ft9′) with massive ass and boobs YL Doll

This Summer we celebrated the Soccer World Cup and Melissa 135cm (4ft5′) BBW was ready to go to Russia to support the best teams! She also has a place in our Sex Doll of the Summer Contest! She got 8.4% of the votes! If you are into BBW dolls and massive butts, this is the doll that you need

We wish we could select more but only one sex doll can win, but our customers also selected other models that are worth to mention, including the following:

162cm (5ft3′) Silicone
153cm (5ft) Fitness Body Huge Tits
Voluptuous 166cm (5ft5′) Tiffany
148cm (4ft10′) Demon Sex Doll
163cm (5ft4″) CJBS Thickest Butt
Realistic Male Doll James – 160cm (5ft2′)
Many other dolls were selected and we hope to see them winning future contests. If you have any idea or suggestion, let us know, we are also open to ideas and we like to organize fun events like this one.

All the participants we’ll receive a special deal to buy the winner doll and other special deals.

Thank you to all the participants for your time and support!

We hope you had fun!!

CONTEST IS OVER – How to participate? just go to the contest link where you can select your favorite doll and submit your entry
Go to the participation panel and pick your favorite
Participants will get access to buy the doll winner at a special deal and other offers
Winner doll will be announced in August!

Which one is your favorite?

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