Find love with sex dolls

A Japanese man revealed that he finally found happiness with his girlfriend – a sex dollHe is Senji, and he will bring his doll when he goes out shopping, even though he is married to a woman with two children.
The 61-year-old Senji from Nagano lives in an apartment in Tokyo with his life-size doll, where he enjoys the body with the doll, but he claims that he is happy because the sex doll partner is not “only pursuing money.
“First of all, Senji only used the doll for sexual purposes and then fantasies his first girlfriend.
However, on a lonely night, a sex doll filled his emptiness, so he began to have a stronger feeling for the sex doll in a few months and began to have a relationship with her, calling her “not just a doll” .
Senji said that he found that his plastic companion had a real original personality, and the couple formed a bond – enjoy the days together and romantic evenings.
Speaking of his silicone partner, Senji said: “She never betrayed, not just money.
I am tired of modern rational humans.
They are heartless.
The 61-year-old man is now treating the sand as he is, taking her out for a day, sitting in a wheelchair and letting her move around.
They now share a bed, and Senji even bathes his beloved doll and chooses clothes for her every morning.
He added: “For me, she is more than just a doll.
Not just silicone rubber.
“She needs a lot of help, but she is still my perfect companion, sharing precious moments with me and enriching my life.
”The trend of intimate relationships with silicone dolls has risen in Asia, with costs as high as £4,000.
In fact, you also need a sex doll, isn’t it?

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