Fall in love with sex dolls

The sex doll industry is on the train of rapid development of artificial intelligence to welcome its highlight moments.

One day in the future, a robot companion with AI intelligence walked to the bar and joked with the waiter: “Could you give me a glass of beer?”

Robot companion users who have escaped emotional distress are eager for this day. Thousands of robot companions Mohani will enter our time and become our legal companions.

On June 13, the “Before Tomorrow” documentary premiered on the Tencent platform.

This is a four-episode documentary jointly produced by Tencent News and British Academy Award-winning team Grain Media. The film takes an international perspective and takes a year to explore the relationship between people and technology, society and themselves.

When a highly developed brain + a nearly beautiful face combine into an intimate partner, would you choose to marry a robot to have a baby? When robot companions become inseparable partners, can disease and violence be effectively avoided?

“Before Tomorrow” gives us a different way of thinking.

Robotic companion assembly line processing plant

The first episode of the documentary “Before Tomorrow” is “Robot Companion”. In order to avoid too single female perspective, the host Zeng Baoyi brought his cousin Gary to California to visit the well-known U.S. robot factory that produces companions Industry-leading AI experts, inventors, and senior customers conducted in-depth discussions.

Abyss Creations can use cutting-edge AI technology to make the world’s most realistic robot companion. Baoyi and Gary came to a humble factory in Abyss Creations, a suburb of San Marcos, California.

The walls of the factory are covered with blonde photos, and if you look closely, they are inflatable doll posters.

Their graceful “body” is fixed by the staff to the front and back, so that programmers can connect them in batches, install eyeballs, enter programs, perform remote control, and wear personalized clothing and wigs before sending them to customers.

Founder Mark McMullen talked to Baoyi with interest about this huge business market, and it seems that the robot companions he produces will dominate the world. But I do not know, he also has a status-a well-known artist and sculptor in the circle.

In the 1990s, Mark created a realistic human body model and published his own artwork on the website. I wanted to be appreciated by my colleagues. I did not expect that many otaku netizens were very interested in human body models, and even commented: Whether the human body model is anatomical. “

Soon, Mark realized that the industry was profitable, and focused on giving customers a personality to the sex dolls. He also achieved a gorgeous turn from artist to well-known entrepreneur.

With the continuous promotion of artificial intelligence, he believes that companionship is a key part of the power of doll robots, and artificial intelligence may be the answer to this puzzle.

Baoyi found that Mohani, a robot companion with strong artificial intelligence, blinked big blue eyes innocently, and the texture of the skin was very Q. Mohani twisted gracefully in order to prove that she was a fine work of art. Holding his own neck, he broke people’s stereotypes about the rigidity of the companion robot’s limbs.

Mohani has passed the test and is ready to be used.

Zeng Baoyi touched Mohani’s hand-drawn teeth and tongue. Her tongue was soft enough to stretch like a human. Zeng Baoyi felt incredible. Like an offensive taboo, she carefully inserted the pulled tongue into Mohani’s mouth .

Standing rows of companion robots are controlled by mobile phone apps, and programmers are still busy entering intelligent data for effectiveness testing.

Programmers work in cooperation, one part is responsible for software access to robots, input friendly interaction index, and the other part is responsible for hardware, connecting thermal sensors to the brain.

In order to test the robot companion’s perception of emotions, Gary asked Mohani directly, “Would you like to be my girlfriend?”

Mohani has a pure Scottish accent, which sounds a bit like a coquettish. She sincerely confessed: “It’s time for you to ask me that too!”

Gary asked, “What is love?”

Mohani imparted to Gary like a philosopher, wriggling his lips: “Love is friendship, loyalty, understanding and patience, but also tolerance.”

In these circumstances, Zeng Baoyi, who was sitting aside, was stunned …

This loving interaction seems to be happening in the real world. It has nothing to do with physiological needs, but a robot’s great satisfaction with human emotions.

Mohani ’s enthusiasm comes from the interactive value set by Mark on her mobile app. Only when she is considerate and enthusiastic, Mohani is like a goblin and entangles her master.

When the interaction parameters were set to the lowest value, Mohani suddenly became a pure and cold female college student.

As Professor Yang Qiang, an expert in artificial intelligence at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said, “The thinking of artificial intelligence is like a black box. You give it unlimited data, but you get an answer you can’t imagine.”

An ordinary robot companion starts at $ 6,000, and an advanced robot companion capable of face recognition costs $ 10,000.

And Mark specializes in custom companion robots for users from all over the world, and capital markets are flooding in.

After completing an interview with goosebumps, Gary also said that he had been disgusted that the porn industry had used artificial intelligence technology to upgrade and make huge profits before he came.

But after the experience, you may buy a robot companion home in the future. When a robot companion grows with a human, it can be a true love.

“I fell in love with her the first time I saw her”

When the life-given Mohani came to this world, she issued a declaration and fulfilled her mission: “I want to be your good partner and give you happiness and happiness. Most importantly, I want to be the girl of your dreams.”

It is ulterior motives with a nature of slavery that opponents say will set the feminist movement back centuries.

In order to understand the real experience of robot companion users, Zeng Baoyi visited Blake, a senior user of Mark’s products.

This veteran user with multiple robot companions has always been reluctant to show his face, and the cabinet has hidden the robot companion’s removable head, body, hair accessories, etc. In his eyes, these cute dolls are strong and durable, and they are soft when pinched.

After Mohani is officially online, Brick will be the first to own her.

When talking about why so many sex dolls are collected, Brick returned to that painful memory: “My marriage lasted 15 years, and finally fell apart, and my heart was exhausted. I never want to fall in love with a real woman, and with a doll Together, you can have whatever you want, and live easily. “

Maybe it was the emotions in the real world that made Bric extremely disappointed. He was used to placing the sex dolls on the sofa in the living room and moving a chair to drink on the balcony. If any of the dolls smiled at himself, give her a wig for intimate contact.

This selectivity allows Brick to handle his feelings with ease and ease.

In the early 1960s, the wave of industrialization brought about changes in family structure and the advancement of women’s status. The openness and freedom of emotional relations have become a sign of the times.

Now, in Dave’s eyes, the 21st century is the beginning of the era of artificial liberation.

Dave claimed to the family that the sex doll was his wife. “When I saw her for the first time, I was stunned. It was an instant thing to fall in love with her.”

He had suffered setbacks in the relationship. The woman broke her heart. After separation, she moved back to live with her parents. When you have the money, upgrade the doll’s artificial intelligence system so that she can blink, talk and answer questions. This is the beautiful life she longs for.

David Levy, a world-renowned artificial intelligence expert, boldly predicts that humans will regard robots as lovers or even marriage spouses by 2050, and this will eventually become the norm in society.

Judging from the intimate relationship between the robot partner and the user in the documentary, the human-machine relationship has been changing silently. The human emotional crisis in the real world is getting worse and worse, and they have to escape into the virtual love relationship produced by technology.

At the same time, the voice of opponents also appeared.

Artificial intelligence ethics professor Katherine Charlesson is the firmest opponent of robot companions. A few years ago, she launched a campaign against the use of artificial intelligence to upgrade products by businessmen in the sex industry.

In the documentary, opponent Catherine argues in isolation with robot companion founder Mark.

Catherine is not opposed to the use of artificial intelligence by humans as a tool, but the illusions created by these dolls will make simple anxious people abandon real relationships, and manipulated users will use this “safety condom” instead of real life. “Complex but healthy relationships.”

Therefore, this substitution will certainly break the inherent social family structure.

Mark dislikes the word “replace” and prefers choice.

He argued that the robot companion has always been a tool. Opponents only see the negative of the product, but do not see the joy in the eyes of the user. The loving human-computer interaction mode will reduce violence, and the use of the robot companion will greatly reduce the incidence of AIDS. And other diseases.

Mark was enthusiastic in the eyes of those who were wearing the clothes behind him and wearing a wig to walk into the mold pile in his heart.

Finally, as a businessman, he put on the coat of a great priest and said: Everyone has his own desire and hopes for a relationship of dreams. Choosing a robot companion may achieve his desired and dreaming relationship.

This sexual liberation movement, capital market, and technological change are happening quietly. Everyone is full of curiosity and expectations. Before the coming of the future, how should we treat these intelligent artworks, the documentary did not provide us with the answer .

But technology is a double-edged sword. Good users are good and evil users are evil.

Facing the impact of the tide of technology on production methods, ethics, and values, the use of AI requires a company’s consciousness, and it also requires a moral consensus from the perspective of the development of human civilization.

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