Facts That Nobody Told You About MINI SEX DOLL

The MINI SEX DOLL industry experienced a significant expansion since the pandemic started, and many people have turned to these products searching for sexual stimulation and satisfaction. The problem is that many people think about?MINI SEX DOLLs?the same as they do about sex toys. They couldn’t be more different even though they serve the same purpose.

When it comes to sex toys, people generally know everything there is to know about them, but when it comes to MINI SEX DOLLs, it’s a bit different. That’s why we’ve decided to list out some of the facts about MINI SEX DOLLs you probably didn’t know about.

The Barbie Doll Is Supposedly Based On A MINI SEX DOLL From The 1950s

This is a rumor that’s not completely proven but seems pretty legit. MINI SEX DOLLs aren’t a modern-day invention and they’ve been around for hundreds of years. When the Barbie doll was first presented to the public, it was a massive hit, but a small number of people know that the doll really resembles a so-called MINI SEX DOLL from Germany named Bild Lilli.

Even though there’s a resemblance between these two dolls, Barbie has become an icon, and millions of children play with Barbie dolls even today.

MINI SEX DOLL Brothels Actually Exist

Most people think it is unlikely that anyone would choose a MINI SEX DOLL over a live human being, but the truth is that more and more MINI SEX DOLL brothels are opening all over the world. The first MINI SEX DOLL brothel opened in Spain, but the idea soon spread around the world and these brothels began to open on almost every continent.

People go to these brothels because they need sexual excitement and satisfaction, but they don’t want to cheat on their wives or girlfriends. It was also a safer and cleaner way to experience sexual gratification as there were cleaners and products available to thoroughly sanitise these dolls. MINI SEX DOLL brothels offer a wide variety of MINI SEX DOLLs to choose from, some are just specific parts of the female body, while others are based on full size images of sexy women.

Many Consider MINI SEX DOLLs A Better Alternative Than One Night Stands

Sexual stimulation and satisfaction are considered to be a biological need for every person on the planet, and different people satisfy their needs in different ways. Some people are satisfied with masturbation, while others cannot imagine it unless it is with another person. The closest thing to having sex with another person is having sex with a modern MINI SEX DOLL.

One-night stands are a common practice, especially among young people under the age of 30. But not everyone can find one-night stands easily. During the flu pandemic, it was almost impossible to find one-night stands, so people turned to online dating sites and apps that specialised in such activities without any strings attached. This is not a solution for many people, because in order to have a one-night stand you need to find someone who is sexually attracted to you, someone who is sexually attracted to you.

While this may seem simple, sending a message to someone telling them you want to have sex with them will only give you a ban and a report on the website where you find them. Because of this, many people use MINI SEX DOLLs to satisfy their need for sex and excitement. Although MINI SEX DOLLs are mainly used by men, women can also use different types of MINI SEX DOLLs.

Modern MINI SEX DOLLs Are Highly-Customizable

The main difference between sex toys and MINI SEX DOLLs is the size, but also the fact that MINI SEX DOLLs are customisable. While not all manufacturers offer this option, many do and buyers can specify every detail they can imagine. It takes more time to create such MINI SEX DOLLs, but those who buy them consider it an investment worth the wait.

Many MINI SEX DOLL makers offer products based on the looks of certain adult film stars. The customisation part of the MINI SEX DOLL industry is relatively new, but the options are endless. While it is possible to have a MINI SEX DOLL made to your liking, it is worth noting that no manufacturer will agree to make a MINI SEX DOLL based on someone’s appearance without their consent. It’s also about a spouse or girlfriend who doesn’t know you want to make a MINI SEX DOLL based on their looks.


Many people don’t realise the weight of MINI SEX DOLLs. Depending on the material the MINI SEX DOLLs are made of, they can weigh anywhere from 75 pounds to much more. Some MINI SEX DOLLs have metal bones that allow them to move more naturally, and some have electronic devices that allow them to move, vibrate, and even feel warm when touched.

Because MINI SEX DOLLs are not something you can buy and sell, especially if customised, it is important to consider the size and weight of the sex toy doll before deciding to buy one. You should also think about storage space – where you can store MINI SEX DOLLs when they are not in use.

MINI SEX DOLLs Are A Big Investment

The MINI SEX DOLL market is a pretty big one, with manufacturers shipping their products almost all over the world. The problem with MINI SEX DOLLs is that they are much more expensive than traditional sex toys. Depending on the level of customisation and other options you may need, they can range in price from a few thousand dollars to over a hundred thousand dollars each.

Although this is a considerable investment, those who have purchased MINI SEX DOLLs consider the investment to be a good one as they have exceeded their expectations with their products.


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·Foot length:5.1in / 13cm
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·Anal depth:5.9in / 15cm
·Oral depth:N / A
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