Factors to Consider When Buying A Mini Sex Doll

Hello, welcome to Oudoll, today let’s talk about factors to consider when buying a mini sex doll, you have to think twice before you do it right? Have you thought do you have enough money yet? Have you thought about how to maintain a mini sex doll? Have you thought about how to store a mini sex doll? No? Don’t worry, my friend, in today’s blog, we will talk about factors to consider when buying a mini sex doll. First of all, doesn’t matter if it’s a life-size love doll or a mini love doll. They aren’t cheap! So during your first or subsequent purchases, you should consider these factors before you spend your hard-earned money.

1. Your Budget.

When shopping, consider the amount you are willing and able to spend on a mini sex doll. Please don’t just browse on the mini sex doll website, try more, compare their prices, and choose the best one you think, you can tell if they are good quality or not from the review, Oudoll is a mini sex doll dedicated to manufacturing mini sex dolls for years, so we use the latest technology and our price is the lowest on the market. Apart from the doll, you also have to pay for shipping, customs duties, maintenance costs, accessories, and other costs.

2. Size.

Mini dolls are available in different sizes and shapes. You should find one size that is suitable for you best, we can not choose for you, because it depends on your height, preference. Consider a size that accommodates you comfortably and is easy for you to store in your bedroom or office.

3. Weight.

When you are using a sex doll, you have to carry it around, so you have to consider the weight, it should allow you to carry around easily without breaking a sweat as you explore different sex positions and styles.

4. Building Material.

Normally sex dolls are made of two kinds of materials, one is TPE and the other is silicone, some dolls are a combination of both, silicone dolls have higher stimulation and durability, while TPE dolls are more soft, flexible, and squeezable.

5. Physical attributes.

Consider factors like race, hair, eyes, breasts, waistline, booty, hips, and facial features to ensure that you get a doll resembling your dream woman. For many of those factors, you can customize them when you are placing an order.

6. Customizability.

A manufacturer can create a doll considering attributes like the head, hair, eyes, vagina, skin color, fingernails, breast size, nipple color, vagina color, pubic hair, tongue, and packability.

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