Experience Living With a Sex Doll

ESDOLL’s small survey found that Japan is a country with a high level of sex dolls (real sex dolls) that are beautiful and close to real people. China is the country with the largest number of dolls for manufacturing and exporting sex, while the United States is the country with the largest number of people living with sex dolls. . For many people, sex dolls are just toys that satisfy the fantasy of singularity, but for some people, sex dolls are the best and most important companion in life. All of this, ESDOLL can satisfy those who need to live alone.
Some families treat sex dolls as family members, dress them differently, make up, change hairstyles, and so on. Some male sex doll collectors believe that sex dolls don’t have all kinds of shortcomings like women, and they don’t have temper. They don’t lie, deceive or accuse you, and they can’t argue with you. American photographer Markson interviewed and photographed many of these sex doll owners, trying to understand the reasons behind this particular singer, she found that these people have a strong desire to protect their sex dolls, and like lovers, friends Or treasure them as much as they do.

The traditional users of sex dolls in the United States are mostly lonely single men, and their reasons for living with sex dolls are different. Through more than a year of hard work, Maxson has obtained the consent of the people who have sex dolls, and photographed the photos of these hot and sex dolls and why they want to have sex dolls.
A man has a girlfriend and two adult daughters, but he also has 5 personality dolls, which he says is a good one. Kahan was divorced more than 20 years ago and later married a woman for 8 years but has never found a woman who can be a heart. He bought a quality sex doll in 1998 and later lived with a sex doll.
A man tried to date a woman after his wife died of cancer, but found that the woman he liked did not like himself. Later, he designed and named a sex doll according to his wife’s appearance, and accompanied him.
ESDOLL dare to tell you that the purchase of sex dolls is not a man, there are women, Angela bought two sex dolls at the beginning of this year, dressed as a sex doll according to their own wishes.

Different from people’s imagination, people who live with sex dolls have the same level of satisfaction with life as ordinary people. There is no higher mental illness such as depression. Although sexual objects are different from ordinary people, as long as they have no influence on other aspects of life, the medical profession does not see it as a pathological condition.
ESDOLL finally told everyone that everyone needs to be companionship, but that the baby chooses their own way and let the emotions needed to be released. This is not a bad thing for people’s mind and body.

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