Everything You Need to Know About Sex Doll Parlors

Realistic robotic sex dolls are growing into a big business, and according to the manufacturers, their products are so realistic that people are marrying them.
While there are many sex doll parlors now, the genesis of this new phenomenon can be traced back to Spain. The relationship that the Parlor owners have with sex doll distributors is a unique one having in mind, that they provide the sex dolls to them. Well, here’s everything that you need to know about sex doll parlors.

Realistic sex dolls have already gained worldwide acceptance, and better still made grand appearances across different continents. And while sex dolls have undergone numerous transformations to reach where they are at the moment, sex doll parlors are another success story with many countries having sex doll parlors in operation. Sex doll manufacturers have continued to produce different sex dolls ranging from male sex dolls, female sex dolls, and transgender sex dolls.

Just like any other industry, the sex doll industry has witnessed numerous developments, especially in the quality of the sex doll. Not only are the sex doll being made from human-like TPE and silicone materials but they are also being encrypted with Artificial Intelligence to fully imitate humans. Initially, these pleasure dolls were made from inflatable materials that were associated with minimal sexual pleasure and proneness to wear and tear. So, how did the whole idea of sex doll parlors come to be and where was the first one started?
Well, Spain, Barcelona specifically was the town where the first sex doll parlor was set up. And while the idea seemed like a hoax to many, the parlors are now open for patrons to come and enjoy this reality. These places that are designed to offer men with a platform to fulfill their wildest fantasies are spreading like wildfire.
And while the opening of the sex doll parlor is totally dependent on the host country’s legislation, it’s a positive thing to see many countries taking up the idea. They say numbers don’t lie, and going with the number of countries where these pleasure halls are being opened, the future couldn’t be any brighter.
The first sex doll parlor in Spain, Barcelona played the role of a pacesetter and has been credited for kick-starting the worldwide acceptance of this new phenomenon. Opened in February 2017, the LumiDolls sex doll parlor offers men an opportunity to try out their wildest sexual fantasies with realistic sex dolls.
LumiDolls sex doll parlor offers four busty silicone doll models that include;

Katy- A blonde with enormous lips and alluring green eyes
Asian Lily

African Nava

Akira a Japanese anime sex doll

To spend time with this gorgeous sex dolls, the client parts ways with €120 per hour for any of the four sex dolls. Not bad, right?


France Sex Doll Parlors
Started in January 2018, Xdolls was the first sex doll parlor in France. And although the initial operating license specified that the location was a games center, the outlet offers brothel services for men looking to quench their sexual thirst with sex dolls. The founder, Joachim Lousquv, says that the parlor is frequented mostly by single men, though it’s not a wonder to spot couples.
The sex doll parlor has three realistic sex dolls, Kim, Lily, and Sophia with the patrons having to pay €89 per hour to spend time with any of the sex dolls. The client books time online, after which they receive an address to the parlor. Joachim says that the patrons are between the ages of 30 to 50 years and the patronage has been quite promising.
Therefore, the next time you visit France, make sure that you don’t stop at the Eiffel tower. Paris has more to offers. Check out Xdolls sex parlor and enjoy it as much as you can. In fact, make sure that you tag along a couple of your friends, you could even add this to your bucket list. How does that sound? Get to spend an hour with any of the realistic sex dolls in the parlor without breaking the bank.
Germany Sex Doll Parlors
Opened in mid-2017, Bordoll was the first sex doll parlor to be opened in Germany, Dortmund. The sex doll parlor was run by a 29-year-old woman, Evelyn Schwarz and offered men with an avenue to fulfill their sexual fantasies, however wild they might be.
The parlor has a vast selection of sex dolls which clients have to pay €80 per hour for each of the sex dolls or €50 for 30 minutes. Bordoll has eleven different sex dolls, all of which are built uniquely and differently to meet the needs of the vast market.
The German sex doll parlor has grown tremendously with Evelyn Schwarz saying that the daily patronage has since doubled. What’s more interesting is the fact that a large percentage of the patrons are satisfied clients who come back for more. And while its men that come to experience the new phenomenon, Evelyn says that some of the customers come with the wives who sit back in the car as the men come in to relieve their sexual fantasies.

United Kingdom Sex Doll Parlors
As incredible as it sounds, a 40-year old man by the name Graham was able to set up the largest sex doll parlor in the United Kingdom. Known as Lovedoll UK, this location doubles up as a brothel as well as a retail sex doll shop. How is this possible? You must be thinking. Well, before buying a sex doll, the client is allowed to have some intimate moments with the doll for £100 from which you can opt to pay £2000 to take the doll home with you. Quite amazing, don’t you think?
This parlor which is furnished with a double bed, different lubricants, condoms, and the manikin, is attracting men from all walks of life in the United Kingdom who are looking to experience a different aspect of sex. According to experts, such brothels are not only more convenient but also safe to patronize as compared to escorts. According to the founder, Graham, 7 out of 10 of the people don’t mind having sex with an already used sex doll while the other 30% can’t touch a sex doll that has already been in use.
And although we all would expect men to be the only demographic in these sex doll parlors, Graham says that women also come in to buy sex dolls for their husbands to keep them away from cheating. Some of the men even come up with their dream woman and have their ‘image’ put up into a sex doll. How amazing, right? Going by the success of the parlor, Graham is looking to introduce male sex dolls to ensure that ladies’ needs are also catered for
Scotland Sex Doll Parlors
Located in a quiet village of Quarter, Lanarkshire, this sex doll parlor was started by 25-year-old sex doll pimp, Steven Crawford who says that he started the parlor with Faith as the only sex doll. And while Crawford admits that the business is quite immoral, he maintains that he is not ashamed of the parlor.
Crawford registered Date A Doll Services Ltd with Companies House and provided a location in his semi-detached house. He named the first sex doll Faith based on the fact that he had a lot of faith that his business would be a success story. However, the business no longer exists as he was recently forced to close the doors. Quite sad. Right?
Spain Sex Doll Parlors
Spain was one of the first countries as stated above, new locations have been opening recently too.
Belgium Sex Doll Parlors
Doll.be is the top adult love doll parlor in Belgium, offering a wide selection of sexy sex dolls and multiple appointment options during the weekend. This is another of the first locations we also helped to source some of the most popular adult love dolls.
Canada Sex Doll Parlors
Aura Dolls opened this year in a strip mall plaza in Toronto’s north end and so far it has been a great success with a wide selection of models and even free parking!
Other Countries
More locations in other countries are opening their doors while you read this 😉

The sex doll parlor owners work hand-in-hand with sex doll distributors to provide clients with a vast variety of sex dolls to fulfill their sexual fantasies. A great collaboration between the two also ensures that based on the customer’s feedback on their experience with the sex dolls, the sex doll parlor owner can request custom-made sex dolls from the distributors.
The distributors also play the role of picking the best sex dolls based on their sales statistics and referring the sex parlor owners to them. Here, at SRSD, we are proud to be distributors some of the sex doll parlors, and we are committed to a continued long-term business relationship.
According to the experts, sex dolls couldn’t have come at a better time. The immense benefits of this pleasure dolls over women can’t be overlooked. Imagine having a lady, that will never mind why you are late from work, why you passed by the bar with the boys, why you forgot her birthday, why you didn’t buy chocolate, or why you’re on the phone with another female? That sounds like a raw definition of a happy life. Don’t you think?
This realistic sex dolls are always in the mood for sex and are utterly submissive. This means that you’ll have unlimited sex; one that you are 100% in control. Experts applaud the idea saying that now men can fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies on these human imitations. Additionally, these realistic sex dolls can be used to re-introduce lost intimacy in the bedroom and the fact that they have no soul eliminates the idea of cheating; there is no attachment. So, talk to your partner (if you have one) and head out to your nearest sex doll parlor, this could be a great thing for your relationship.
To sum it up, sex doll parlors are here and a part of us. So, let’s focus on the positive factors such as the fact that these spaces provide an opportunity for men to relieve their wildest sexual fantasies which is safe and convenient for everyone. These parlors also offer an effective way to have casual sex without cheating and better still without the fear of getting Sexually Transmitted Infections. What an amazing phenomenon, don’t you think?

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