OUDoll teaches you how to pick a solid sex doll

We don’t know if you have such an experience, spent thousands of dollars, and looked forward to waiting for the peerless beauty sex doll on the business picture. The result is a balloon? Or spent thousands of dollars, but waited for a sex doll that is too big and does not match the real thing? In fact, in the end, it is because you are not familiar with the product and the industry, the following ESDOLL will teach you how to choose!
First of all, from the type selection, there are probably three types of doll: inflatable dolls, solid sex dolls and intelligent solid sex dolls on the market.
inflatable doll appearance
Let’s talk about the concept first. The solid sex doll and the inflatable doll are related. The popular inflatable doll face is very wonderful. The psychological needs of hunting are more obvious, but in Asia, people with color control begin to optimize the face of the inflatable doll. So, the inflatable doll that looks like a weird face is born, and the price is still cheap. However, inflatable dolls have their own fatal flaws: the experience and feel are very poor, the material is very hard, and it is easy to leak. Do you want to want to be suddenly smashed when it is about to climax? Think about it, We are afraid of it~
So with the upgrade of consumption, the solid sex doll has the opportunity to emerge, but with the growing number of doll manufacturers producing solid sex dolls, the entity doll industry is also a mixed bag, the price difference is several thousand or even tens of thousands. For online consumers, it’s really hard to make choices from pictures and descriptions. Because the business is always boasting how good the product is, and the pictures are also perfectly shot, then how should our ordinary consumers choose?
solid sex doll show
Composite steel structure solid sex dolls can be put in a variety of shapes, of course, now everyone generally reflects this composite steel structure of the solid sex doll is a bit heavy, ESDOLL recommended the age of the point of choice of short points, well-proportioned It’s ok, the weight will be lighter than the comparison, ESDOLL is inclined to choose about 1.58 meters, not tall or short and not too heavy, also give her clothes.
The real solid sex doll is generally about 30 kilograms. The total weight is not really heavy. It is really a friend who feels too heavy. It is recommended to choose a lighter weight. ESDOLL recommends that you choose about 1.58 meters. It will not be too heavy. The figure is also very good, so you can easy to wear many beautiful clothes for her.
There are splits removable vagina and builit-in vagina solid sex doll in the market. Some friends have chosen the splits removable vagina because of the cleaning problem, but here to remind everyone, the experience of builit-in vagina will be better than the split removable vagina sex doll .
Cleaning and removal of the transportation process, in general, it is relatively simple. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of cold water or warm water below 38 ° as much as possible, so as not to affect the life and elasticity of the material, usually do not wear clothes that are easy to fade. Otherwise, it is easy to dye. If you encounter dust such as dust and other daily grades, you can wash it with body wash. After washing, remember to dry it with a towel (paper towel), and finally you can keep refreshing by applying talcum powder! In addition, cleaning after cleaning can be done using a cleaning tool.

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