ES Doll explains how you can buy genuine sex dolls?

Sex dolls are humanoid dolls with sexual functions made of medical silicone material TPE. A sexy real life sex doll is determined by several aspects, namely the shape and fineness of the mold, the material of the silicone, the structure of the skeleton, Carved, the filling after the mold opening, the makeup and the packaging transportation.

There is a lot of online shopping website for all kinds of sex dolls. It is dazzling. There are real and fake, so you can’t believe it easily. The doll photos of shopping website are very beautiful, Some websites can be as low as three or four hundred dollars. There are also some websites of the sales price of sex dolls can be as high as several thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. The price is too low and will be fooled, the price is too high and not willing, the buyer will wait for the entanglement and didn’t dare to act, and some buyers have already been fooled, even dare to buy it again, but we still need it in life, so it is very depressing.
If an old doll manufacturer like us can order directly, don’t worry about the credibility, but if you want to go to another website to order, if you are skeptical, you can let the seller give you before delivery. Take a photo, not use the real photo of someone else’s manufacturer to deceive, or fill in a fake logistics tracking number.Whether the sales price of sex dolls is too low or the price is too high should cause suspicion. The price is too low. It is probably made by our manufacturer’s second-hand waste. No skeleton is easy to tear, and sex dolls have a shorter service life. If the sale price of the doll is too high, it may be the distributor of our manufacturer. If you can buy it directly from the ESDOLL manufacturer, you can save an expense. This is the most ideal investment.

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