Easy Tips: How to Dress Up Your Mini Sex Doll to Make Her Look Sexier


No one will deny that your lifelike sex doll is very sexy. She is almost a collection of all people’s aesthetics, which perfectly embodies the extremely high temptation of the doll. But don’t you think it is missing something? Although your lifelike sex doll looks and figure comparable to Scarlett Johansson, there are still gaps to fill.

But what exactly is that gap? It is the overall costume of the lifelike sex doll. You can’t deny the fact that proper dress greatly affects the overall attractiveness of a lifelike sex doll.

However, this is not limited to just a few pieces of clothing, what you need more is to help the lifelike sex doll dress up. Here, we will humbly guide you to use simple methods to dress up your doll and make your doll look more sexy!

Shirt Mini Sex Doll


So, let’s start with the sex doll head! In reality, one’s personality can often be seen from the hairstyle and hair color. It can be said that changing the hairstyle or choosing a new hair color for the doll is changing the personality of the doll. When you buy a lifelike sex doll in a sex doll shop, you can customize your favorite hairstyle. Such as fashionable ballet hair buns, artificial side bangs, ordinary ponytails, beach waves, mini braids and so on. These are free gifts.

Of course, you also specially buy any hairstyle that tempts you from a wig shop. Well, you know that changing a new hairstyle to a doll is easier than you think.

Now, let’s start to color the gorgeous wig of the lifelike sex doll. You can keep the original color of the doll wig, but why not try some new ones. Do you like red hair? Or do you prefer Blonde? Don’t hesitate to give your sex doll a new shade of silky hair.

Sex doll porn-2022 Beautiful Medium Breast Mini Sex Doll Mary 88cm 2ft 8-05
Lace underwear Mini Sex Doll


Here comes the fun and exciting part! You’re sure to show the most interest in it. Remember when we talked about clothes? The doll supplier would give you an outfit for free, but after a long time, wouldn’t you get bored?

The great thing about costumes is that they open the door to wonderfully fun role play. You can buy a costume and imagine a romantic story. The hero and heroine of the story are you and your lifelike doll. You could dress her up as a teacher and have her ‘teach’ a lesson on the theme of intimacy. Petite sex dolls may be more suitable for naughty girls’ clothes. But naughtiness requires strict “coaching”

To buy clothes that fit the doll, you must measure the doll’s body size before you buy. You’ll find you’ll get a sexy sex doll when you dress her in her new clothes. Nine-point tops and miniskirts always add a bit of passion to romance because they are so sexy.

Petite sex dolls-Asian Flat Chested Miniature Sex Dolls Marlys 128cm 4ft 1-09
Strap skirt Mini Sex Doll


Yes this really is one of the most popular hobbies. Military jumpsuits, Father Christmas costumes, nurse costumes, teacher uniforms.

Also, dressing up your doll for a specific holiday is certainly a fun and enjoyable experience. For example, Christmas, Halloween. Here are more sex doll costume ideas for role play and photography sessions.

Leopard underwear Mini Sex Doll

Final Thoughts:

Well, these suggestions are based on what doll lovers have shared on forums and social media. Dress up as your own doll and see how it inspires you. However, be careful about the type of outfit you choose. It is recommended that you wear light-coloured clothing. This will help reduce the likelihood of realistic sex dolls getting dirty after dyeing.

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