Don’t laugh at the sex doll lovers

Many men like to buy sex dolls.
Why? Is it that women can’t satisfy their desires?Of course, these are just one of them.
More is in curiosity.
In 2017, the land and land continued to start the doll’s brothel shop.
70% of the people were in curiosity.
They didn’t think that the doll was not only like a real person, but also the moan on the bed.
It would make these men feel that this is a real-life doll.
Part of the people is doll lovers.
They understand dolls and they think of dolls as their family.
I remember there was a movie in China.
The male owner was taking a doll with a lot of places.
They were eating, watching movies, visiting the park and so on.
All the lovers should do.
They did all that.
And the man has always regarded her as his girlfriend.
He has always been imagining that dolls are talking to himself, so in other people’s eyes, he is a freak.
I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten the name of the movie because I saw the movie when I was very young, and I was curious about his behavior, including the news about a man running naked with dolls, and so on.
After growing up, most of them are lonely.
Because of loneliness, they have to put pressure on themselves by means of objects; because loneliness, they have to put all their sustenance on dolls.
In fact, we do not discriminate and do not laugh at the baby lovers.
Everyone’s hobbies are different.
We can’t laugh at other people’s hobbies, because everyone is special.
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