Don’t Forget to Ask for Factory Photo

Elf Sex Doll-Big Breasts Elf Mini Sex Doll Oralia 135cm 4ft 4-10

Hello, everyone, welcome to OUDOLL, a manufacturer dedicated to selling mini sex dolls, thank you for visiting OUDOLL. We are proud that we make the highest quality mini sex doll on the market and we sell them at the lowest price. We are committed to providing the best customer experience, and we guarantee you can get a satisfying mini sex doll, and the most beautiful mini sex doll in the market, we have sold mini sex dolls for some time, we sell sex variety kinds of styles, from childlike to a mini sex doll, for the heights and materials, they can be high or low as you want, it depends on the price you want your mini sex doll to be.

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Here, I want to introduce you to one of our most famous mini sex dolls, her name is Chantal, she is 3.28ft/100cm, you must see her face before somewhere else, we used to sell her on other platforms, but right now because of the regulations, we have to stop selling Chantal, but still, we didn’t lose Chantal fan, there are still lots of Chantal fun over there, if you want her, just place your order and she will be yours. The most wonderful thing about her is she is only $299.

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Ok, here comes the problem, there is a girl you are interested in, but that’s can’t be the only reason you place your order right? That right, like a mini sex doll manufacture, when you are interested in a sex doll, we highly recommend you to ask the manufacture for a factory photo, because on the market, there are lots of scams, you could feel worried about the quality you received, or you could be worried if you would receive the same kind of doll look exactly in the selling link. My friend, let me tell the truth when those manufacturers want to sell their doll, they take lots of beautiful photos of those sex dolls, so there is little difference between the factory photo and the selling photo, don’t be tricked by the selling photo, because most of them are the products of photoshop, or add some filters. But for us, don’t worry, my friends, just go ahead to ask for a factory photo before you place your order, if you are not interested, that’s fine, of course, if you customize your mini sex doll, make sure to know what they look like before we ship it, or you will feel very disappointed after a long waiting. You may take a look at some factory photos our customers customized before, very cute, isn’t it? We hope they are useful to you.

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Do you have a dizzying array of dolls with various lolita, poor breasts, large breasts, big breasts, mature women, etc.? Since we have our factory, we control the entire production process of our love dolls, to guarantee quality. Photos and videos on the web are only part of the information. We may be able to send you those unpublished photos and other information by contacting us. We can show you actual photos of the dolls by email before you order and even before delivery.

Here, I want to show you some mini sex doll types on our website, we have Cartoon Doll, European&American Doll, Asian Doll, Black Skin Doll, TPE Doll, Silicone Doll. For cartoon dolls, we normally imitate some Japanese cartoon or TV shows, you will know when you see a cartoon mini sex doll, normally they don’t look like a real person, they like a teen from the comics, their eyes are extremely big and cute, if you want some different experience and curious, you can have one try, it will not let you down. For other kinds, we have mini sex dolls from different countries, they have different skin colors or shapes, if you want to have some experience of having sex with a foreigner, you may have a try. For, TPE and silicone, as I said before, silicone tends to be more realistic, but the disadvantage is they are a little expensive. But not always, if you meet some mini sex doll on sale, it’s a good chance to take them home!

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Thank you for reading, my friend, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, wish you have a great day 🙂

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