Dolls in The US Stock or Shipping Overseas

Hello, everyone, when you are buying something, I beg one of the most important things you consider is the shipping. Today, let’s talk about OUDOLL shipping system, for OUDOLL we have a rapid delivery service in the US!

The OUDOLL rapid delivery service will allow you to receive the goods faster. And you have the tracking number to track where is your mini sex doll. So, what should we choose, dolls in the US or shipping overseas?

We have a warehouse in Buena Park, California, US, we constantly stock the most popular love dolls. If you don’t customize your mini sex doll, we normally send you from the warehouse, you will receive your mini doll quicker than shipping from China. Through our domestic warehouse inventory, we can offer a faster than usual delivery service. Your item will be processed and shipped within 48 hours and will arrive at the destination 4-7days after dispatching for usual.

For customize, we have to make it in our factory first, and we will email you the photo before we ship your mini sex doll, it takes around 2 days for us to make your customized doll and around 7 days to ship from China to the US, here I will tell you how to customize your doll, if you want to customize your doll, you must contact with us online or by email, there are three kinds of dolls in our shop.

The first kind of doll doesn’t have customized options, and we have stock in US stock, the doll you see in the photo will be the doll you receive, we will also send you some gift: Disposable vaginal douche, Special gloves, Wig, Vaginal heater, Wig comb, Underwear, Blanket.

The second kind of doll has customized functions at an additional charge, for example, if you want a standing function, you may pay $15 extra money (Note: lots of stock in the US also have a standing function, and we don’t charge for extra money, you may contact us before you purchase).

1. For vocalize, we charge $60 for extra. The company developed intelligent sound in English, Chinese and Japanese. Among them, Japanese intelligent voice was developed by the company, and Japanese voice actors acted as the dubbing. Intelligent interaction, automatic sleep, intelligent charging, voice and button operation, volume adjustment, chest detection voice, lower body detection voice, vibration, percussion breathing, and other functions. There are 16 kinds of questions and a maximum of 50 conversations. The interactive intelligent voice function makes your love doll not only a love doll but a living lover!;

2. For heating, we charge $120 for extra. Real humans have a body temperature, so how do you make a love doll have the same temperature? According to the heating function of the store, you can have a love doll with body temperature! (Note: As all heating function technologies on the market are immature, Love Doll using the heating function often breaks down and is more troublesome to use. Many places need to be paid attention to, so it is not recommended to buy this function. The damage caused by the heating function will not be able to be dealt with by our store.)

For the third kind of doll, not only they have customized functions at an additional charge, but also they have free custom series, you can choose the skin options, eyes customization, public hair customization, areola color, wig options, finger and toenails options. What you need to do is tell our customer service, what option you want, and we will make it after your purchase.

Here I make a chart to show it more vividly, you may take a look:

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