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I did not expect current sex doll to be so realistic

Sexual dolls are one of the objects of modern men’s “seeking happiness”. With the increasing demands of the market, the quality of sex dolls has been greatly improved. It is a real life in terms of shape and touch, and many people are pleasantly surprised.  Directly call “Sexual doll evolution without limits”! ▼ Recently, there […]

Do you know why so many man like to use sex doll?

I saw in a report why men are looking for sex workers, not just for their lasciviousness. The bigger reason is that they are lonely. They are escaping and need a listener, so that’s why they are willing to spend money. Go to hire sex workers. But nowadays, the development of society, sex dolls have […]

The world’s largest sex processing factory: Zhuhai Adult Toys Factory

This is a mysterious factory. There is only one factory in Zhuhai, China, and there are only five or six in Guangdong Province. It is the foundry factory of the world’s largest sex products. It produces more than 1,500 products: plastic, glass, electric, and voice-activated, produced to meet human instincts. The outside is called a […]

What type of lubricant should the sex doll use?

Most body lubricants are safe to use on your skin because they are designed for humans. However, it is very important to use only water-based lubricants when using silicone dolls. Do not use any oily, petroleum-based or silicone oil lubricants as they will harm your physical silicone doll. Water-based lubricants are easy to clean after […]

Sex Doll Discussion Forum

1. Sex Doll Forum ——http://www. sexdollchat. comThere are many members here to ask questions, all the questions can be found here, as long as you have any questions about the doll, you can also raise it here. 2. Sexual dolls talk about blogs—-http://www. talksexdoll. comTalking about sex dolls and censorship doll blogs, there are news […]

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