Do you know why so many man like to use sex doll?

I saw in a report why men are looking for sex workers, not just for their lasciviousness.
The bigger reason is that they are lonely.
They are escaping and need a listener, so that’s why they are willing to spend money.
Go to hire sex workers.
But nowadays, the development of society, sex dolls have replaced sex workers, because, after the 2017 open doll brothels, a large number of women are supportive.
Because sex dolls don’t bring sexual illness, they don’t have a personal relationship with sex dolls, which also gives women a certain guarantee.
Don’t worry about your husband looking for another one, don’t worry about your husband getting a sexually transmitted disease after finding a sex worker.
Perhaps someone will ask why it is not a sexual relationship with a real person, but a selective doll? In theory, sex dolls are easier to maintain than humans.
Men are attracted to novelty, and you can spend just about $110 to date any sex doll, which is much less expensive than sex work.
So can this business model scale up?Yes, why? Just this summer, Russia opened its first personality doll brothel in Moscow, just in time for the World Cup.
And this sex doll brothel is about $100 an hour, customers can spend time with any number of sex dolls, and everyone has dolls.
Their advice is 100% legal brothel, and will not deceive their partner, because it will only interact with the doll.
In fact, brothels have never really sold sex, and the experience they sell is largely due to the senses.
It is one thing to interact with people who live and breathe, and another thing with silicone dolls with internal heaters.
The latter, neither think nor speak.
Even if you have a lot of secrets in your heart that you want to vent, you have to worry about leaks.

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