Complete Guide on MINI SEX DOLL Storage

It’s an undeniable fact that people are accepting MINI SEX DOLLs as a normal thing these days. Almost nothing is considered taboo anymore, and a lot of people are proud owners of some of the most realistic MINI SEX DOLLs you didn’t know existed. But, unfortunately, storing MINI SEX DOLLs is a pretty difficult thing, especially if you’re living in a place with limited storage space. If you do some research online, you’ll realize that there are a lot of solutions to storing MINI SEX DOLLs, but the thing everyone needs to realize that cheap solutions cost much more than using official MINI SEX DOLL storage solutions.

If you store your MINI SEX DOLL inappropriately, the chance of permanently damaging it is pretty high and unfortunately, most MINI SEX DOLLs are made in a way that you can’t change only a single piece that got damaged. The once super-realistic MINI SEX DOLL with any type of damage won’t feel the same, and you’ll always be aware of it.

So, if you’re an owner of a realistic MINI SEX DOLL, and you want to know more about properly storing it, keep on reading where we’ll go over the essential things, you need to know.

Hang Your MINI SEX DOLL Vertically If You Have The Room

Most MINI SEX DOLLs on the market today have detachable heads, which makes hanging them in a wardrobe simple and easy. Once the head is off, it should be placed in an upside down position and the body should be properly hung in a dark place. By doing this, you will ensure that direct sunlight will not damage your MINI SEX DOLL and the colours will not fade.

Most MINI SEX DOLL manufacturers also provide storage tools for their products and if you have one you should definitely use it as it is made specifically for your MINI SEX DOLLs. Do you know the plastic packaging used for suits? Well, it might be a good idea to make something similar for your MINI SEX DOLLs. Because people use these dolls for physical contact, especially their private parts, it’s essential to keep your MINI SEX DOLLs as clean as possible. Even if you’re someone who cleans your room every day, dust can easily penetrate the nooks and crannies of almost any MINI SEX DOLL.

Keeping Your MINI SEX DOLL Under The Bed

While it’s not as discreet as keeping a MINI SEX DOLL in a wardrobe, it’s still possible to keep this big toy under your bed. There are several ways to keep your MINI SEX DOLL under the bed, the most common method being to place it in a storage box on the bed. While it’s not meant for storing MINI SEX DOLLs, it’s a great place to hide your silicone companion so it doesn’t attract unwanted attention. Whenever you need it, it’s easy to reach.

In order to keep your MINI SEX DOLL in a storage box on your bed, you need to make sure it fits properly and that it’s covered so that you don’t damage it in any way. Put it on a couple of blankets and cover it up so that it is protected from moisture, dust and strange creatures that might be wandering around. We don’t need to say that placing it on a sharp object will instantly ruin your MINI SEX DOLL.

Using An ATA Case For Storage

We’ve all seen ATA cases used for many things. Musicians mostly use them to safely transport valuable instruments and equipment, but what people don’t realise is that these cases come in all shapes and sizes. The problem with putting your MINI SEX DOLL in an ATA case is that it has very little padding, so you need to improvise and make sure that each side of the ATA case is padded with a lightweight material to keep your MINI SEX DOLL safe and prevent any kind of damage.

It would be best if you could buy an ATA box specifically for storing your MINI SEX DOLLs, as you can choose the right size so that you can place the MINI SEX DOLLs in a neutral position. If not installed correctly you could cause irreparable damage to your MINI SEX DOLL. The last thing you want to do is force it into the case or pull it out by force.

Tips For Safely Storing Your MINI SEX DOLL

This guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t give you some tips for storing your MINI SEX DOLLs safely. One of the most important things to do is to make sure your MINI SEX DOLLs are packed correctly. You can use a variety of materials, but it is best to use a soft, fine cotton cloth. It will keep your doll dust-free and will not come into direct contact with anything else that could contaminate or damage your MINI SEX DOLL.

When storing your MINI SEX DOLL, make sure you have enough space to store it properly. Stretching or distorting it to make it fit into the ATA case will permanently damage it. This is why we have mentioned specific storage units that are exactly the size you need to store easily. In addition, MINI SEX DOLLs should not be placed in your clothing or anything else that could stain or damage your favourite MINI SEX DOLL.

If you are the owner of a MINI SEX DOLL who likes to keep his MINI SEX DOLL in his clothes when you are not using it, make sure you do not wear tight-fitting clothes. Although MINI SEX DOLLs are durable, tight clothing, especially underwear or other types of underwear, can create dents in the skin of a MINI SEX DOLL. Wearing regular sexy clothes without stretch is the right choice, especially if you want your MINI SEX DOLL to look perfect on the first day.

Storing your MINI SEX DOLL properly is not just for privacy. It’s also a health issue because the better you store it, the less chance of damaging your health. Dust and different types of bacteria can get into the smallest nooks and crannies, so it’s vital to make sure the toy is completely dry and properly packed before storing it to ensure nothing will contaminate it.


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