Complete Guide on Bathing With MINI SEX DOLL

That sex doll you have in your bed is not just a sex doll but emotional support. We’ve all read and seen online how different doll owners have fun with their dolls in activities that aren’t related to sex.

Washing and sterilizing your doll to keep them clean is mandatory to keep them lasting for long. You must have been given instructions on how you need to wash your doll and keep them clean.

One thing is for sure that you have not been told or instructed on how you can get into the shower with your doll. If you have been wondering how you can have more fun bathing with your favorite silicone companion, here is a complete guide on how you need to do this.

We will highlight how to safely bathe with your doll according to how they have been made.

The Cleansers

A bath is not romantic without soap bubbles, is it? So we need to include them in our bathing. One downside is that we cannot just use any soap with our silicone partners.

Our beloved sex dolls are expensive and we cannot risk anything that can ruin them. Some of these soaps are quite harsh on their skin which makes them inappropriate for bathing them. Although some dolls may be highly resilient to the soaps that we use on our skin, we cannot just assume that, can we?

The kind of soaps that the dolls use is quite different from what we use on our skin. Usually, the company that made your doll must have prescribed the best cleansers for your doll. Perhaps it’s a good choice to go with the recommended cleansers.

If you are not quite sure, consider doing a patch test on your doll. To avoid leaving a permanent mark on the most visible part of their body, trying doing the patch test on their heel or elbow.

A patch test will help determine if the intended cleanser will have negative effects on your sex doll.

The Temperature

The temperature of the bath water depends very much on whether your doll is a silicone or a TPE sex doll. Silicone sex dolls are very flexible to the temperature of the water. Silicone dolls are not sensitive to hot or cold water. This is why they are easily sterilised and sometimes silicon is boiled.

If yours is a silicone doll then you don’t have to worry about the water temperature and you can have sex with your doll in a hot bath.

However, if your cute doll is a TPE sex doll, then you may need to consider the temperature of the water in the bath. They are extremely sensitive to high temperatures. Temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). Such temperatures will cause them to lose their consistency and they will eventually start to melt.

As the damage is irreversible, it is wise to be cautious and carefully consider the temperature of the water you will be using on your doll. You don’t want to lose all her possessions!

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The Head and the Hair

Your doll’s head and hair is also an area that needs a lot of attention. The head requires different cleaning techniques, and soaking her entire head in water is not one of them.

The eyes and other parts of the head require different cleaning methods, so avoid submerging her in water. How do you both plan to bathe together? You can sit her in the bath without letting her head touch the water and then have a nice bath with her.

The bottom line is, have a fun bath with your doll, but don’t let her head get submerged in the water. Also, it’s easy to fall over in the bath, so be careful not to drop your doll.

What to Consider When Buying a Sex Doll

There are two main factors to consider when you are looking to buy a sex doll: if you want to take a bath with your love doll. These factors include the material and the weight.

If you are going to take a hot bath with her, silicone is considered to be the best. Also, because you will be taking her to the bathroom and back, you need to find a doll size that is not going to make it difficult for you to hold her because of her weight.

Should I Bathe With My Doll?

Yes, you can bathe with her, but at your own risk. There is nothing wrong with bathing with her, but the way you go about it may be wrong. Before trying anything unusual with your doll, check the care instructions handed to you at the time of purchase.

You don’t want to drown your TPE doll in hot water out of ignorance and watch your entire investment disappear. To be on the safer side, read the care instructions one more step.

If you haven’t bought a sex doll yet, be sure to research how silicone and TPE sex dolls should be handled. This research is best done before you buy a doll so you know what you can expect of yourself when handling a sex doll.

Final Touches

After an amazing sexual encounter, you desire to clean her body in the same way you desire to clean her body after a bath with her. Make sure the doll is completely dry before you put her to bed.

Make sure you also give her plenty of powder to ensure no water remains on her body. Once completely dry, you can now lie down with her on the bed or store her properly until next time.

If your doll has standing features, it is best not to give her a full bath as her joints may leak water into her skeleton. Mould and rust are her enemies if you want her to stay with you for a long time.


We have discussed some of the precautions you need to take when bathing with your love doll. We have concluded on the grounds that nothing will make you let the flame of romance die out and you can take the necessary precautions to keep it alive when bathing with her.

Please note that the more you take care of her, the longer the two of you will stay hot together. Mind you, your sex doll must have cost you a fortune, and you shouldn’t let ignorance ruin that money.

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