Comparison Of Height Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sex Dolls

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Still struggling with which type to choose? Detailed comparison of low height robot dolls and high height silicone dolls!

The following is the explanation about small sex dolls and big sex dolls.

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“The big and high doll is good, it has the charm of an adult, and the body is very heavy, but it is too heavy … That is really better than the small ha, and cute and easy to move, but always feel a little less real body feeling.”
“Well, the advantages and disadvantages of low height and high height, you sort them out to do a comparison is not good?”
“Yes, let’s do that!”

Hi everyone, this is OUDoll! There must be someone who wants to buy a physical doll, but is always worried about whether to choose a small doll or a big doll and can’t make up their mind, right? So this time we will address this issue, let us put together a detailed introduction to the strengths and weaknesses of both low and high height dolls!

First of all, the definition, how high is considered high height or low height? In this article, we will take more than 140cm as high height and less than 140cm as low height, in this way.

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1. High height doll
Real people women, then, are generally taller than 140cm. So the so-called real sexy doll refers to these high height silicone sex dolls of 140cm or more. The weight is usually more than 25kg.

High sense of sophistication and realism!
Because it is the same height as the real woman, so whether it is a breast or a huge buttocks and so on body type will not make the doll look strange. You can wear a lot of clothes (ordinary casual clothes, sexy lingerie, bikinis, etc.). Just go to the clothing store can always easily buy the right clothes.
And, more than 158cm doll can use the highest level of all-around skeleton and finger skeleton. Can bring the most realistic sex feeling.
Can achieve a very large number of ways to play, thus basically will not appear to use the possibility of bored.
Because it is the image of an adult, there is no guilt when it comes to sex things .
In general, the taller the doll, the deeper the lower body, so perhaps it is more suitable for people with long or large **.

Because it is heavy, it may be inconvenient to carry and move. And if it is a one-piece doll, it will be slightly troublesome to clean.
In the case of advanced skeleton, because the actual number of poses that can be presented is very large, some players may be troubled by the inability to achieve the desired pose very well.

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2. Low height dolls
140cm dolls or less dolls, height and realistic young girls, loli, girls, etc. closer, weight within the range of 20 ~ 28kg.
The appearance is very cute. Most suitable for young sexy dolls people.
Because of the lighter, handling or maintenance and other operations will be very easy, ideal for doll beginners.
The price is relatively low so they are affordable dolls for every guys.

③ Disadvantages
The number of product is limited, because the height does not meet the requirements, finger bones, etc. may not be used.
Low height dolls with exploding heavy breasts may look incongruous to some people. Fewer body types that fit perfectly.
The appearance of a young lady like very small, but the depth of the lower body may be close to the adult, perhaps the use of the real sense will be compromised.
Suitable clothing can be difficult to find. Most of what can be worn are children’s clothes, and wearing them may make the erotic atmosphere much less.
People without loli control attributes may feel guilty.

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3. Comparison of the two options
Please choose the right doll according to your needs
In addition, the actual purchase also needs to be combined with your judgment based on their own values. If you only consider the good and the bad, you will probably end up buying the wrong product that you will soon get tired of. Please be sure to imagine what you like and what you hate, and consider and make a decision based on your own interests~
Looking forward to your purchase!

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