Clearance sale last 14 days

the price that is so cost-effective is estimated to wait until the end of 2019.
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The following are the five most attractive sex dolls since January.
100cm sex dollOriginal price of $700, now only $350, this doll, regardless of skin type or appearance, belongs to you at a glance.
In the past, very customers like her very much, it is very expensive, has not bought, now start crazy discount This is why she will be the best explosion of 100 cm2.
145cm sex dollZenobia dolls are the gospel of flat-chest, whether it is height or chest size is in line with many people’s requirements, now only $5953.
158cm sex dollThis is almost an explosion, because this may be seen on other websites, but our price and quality are advantages in the advantage, affordable.
Original price $1,365, now only $8354.
158cm sex dollThis big boobs doll has 140 cm, but the 158 cm is obviously much better than the 140 cm.
The 158 cm is a lot of boys.
This is the loli height.
The current price is only $820!5.
165cm sex dollCherry has always been a well-sold doll, not only with amazing oriental faces but also because the price has always been very affordable, which makes the boys who are obsessed with the oriental women completely tailored for them.
173cm sex dollMany people are not very curious as to whether such a high doll is in demand or not.
What I want to say is, of course, the price of a doll of this height will be over a thousand, so this is why she is hot.
Not only that, but the doll is still able to stand, so you don’t have to worry about not standing and waiting for a series of problems.

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