Cleaning And Caring For Your TPE Real Sex Doll Guide

Our dolls have very beautiful faces and skin. The skin is very real and fragile, just like a baby’s skin. How to take care of “them”? It is very delicate.

Q: How to care their hair? Take it down and rub it in water or hang it up and wash it? Is it dry or blow dry after washing?  

A: Remove the hair of the sex doll, rub it with a little shampoo in the water, rub it left and right, and don’t make circles. Then rinse the foam with water and then drain it out for half an hour with a mixture of water and conditioner or conditioner. Air dry, and blow half dry.

(2) Q: how to use talcum powder? How often do I have to powder?

A: Beat all over the body, preferably once a month. After beating, you can put it on the box or bed.

(3) Q: how do I move my sex doll?

A: It’s best to move the solid doll on a chair with wheels, which can well avoid injury or falling on it. Of course, you can also carry it on your back, but be careful not to scratch the doll. At special times, you can use some auxiliary tools or pillows to fix its posture. When pulling the joint, it’s best to fix both hands at both ends of the corresponding joint, and then move slowly. Don’t twist and break the joint unconventionally. Also pay attention to avoid pulling the doll violently to avoid joint damage.

(4) Q: can dolls be stressed in one place for a long time? Is sitting too long harmful?  

A: Don’t keep a posture for a long time. You can change their posture for three or five days, lie on your left and right sides, lie flat, etc.  

(5) Q: how to deal with the indentation of the sex doll?

A: Soak in hot water or apply with a hot towel.

(6) Q: what about the wrinkled skin when the ankles of sex dolls are bent too much?  

A: It is normal that there will be wrinkles or indentation after long——term unnatural twists and turns or local compression of the doll. It will recover automatically after standing for a period of time (soaking in hot water and applying with hot towel can shorten the recovery time).

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